House Oversight Chair Escalates Investigation Into Biden Crime Family, Accuses Treasury Department of Obstructing Probe

House Oversight Chairman James Comer (R-KY) on Monday escalated his investigation into the Biden Crime Family.

“I am calling on US Treasury to testify at a hearing on March 10,” Comer said on Monday.

“The American people deserve transparency. Treasury’s failure to produce requested information related to the Biden family’s influence peddling schemes is unacceptable.” Rep Comer said.

Hunter Biden and his Uncle James have at least 150 suspicious activity reports on their accounts.

According to Rep. Comer, the Bush administration created banking suspicious activity reports. It was a way for banks to help the administration track foreign money laundering and dangerous terrorist activities.

Congress was always able to access the government reports from the Treasury Department.

But then Joe Biden immediately changed the law when he entered the White House. Now, Congress cannot access the Biden family’s suspicious activity reports.

And Treasury Secretary Janet Yellin is covering for the Biden Crime Family.

The government is withholding this information from Congress.

Rep. Comer asked the US Treasury to testify on March 5.

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