HORRIFYING: Vicious Dogs Maul One Man To Death, Injure Three More In Bloody Attack — Dogs Kept Coming Even After Firefighters Swung Pick Axes And Poles To Stop Them (VIDEO)

San Antonio, TX – A horrifying incident occurred on the West Side Of San Antonio Friday afternoon when two American Staffordshire terriers, a breed of pit bull terriers, one male and one female, killed an 81-year-old man, according to police.

The dogs were American Staffordshire terriers, one of several breeds that falls under the broader classification of a pit bull, according to San Antonio Animal Care Services.

KSAT reported the disturbing attack happened around 1:45 PM in the 2800 block of Depla Street. When San Antonio Fire Crews arrived on the scene, they noticed the helpless old man being dragged along the sidewalk by one of the two dogs involved in the attack.

San Antonio Fire Chief noted the man was “completely bloody” when they arrived. He later died from his injuries at a local hospital, even after receiving blood transfusions at the scene.

Three other people were injured in the incident.

The two dogs behaved aggressively toward the firefighters once they arrived. They were forced to fight the animals off with pickaxes and poles so they could treat the victims at the scene.

The firefighters struggled to fend off one dog, as you will see in the video.


One firefighter was bit in the leg during the confrontation, though he will be fine, according to reports.

Both dogs involved in the attack were to be euthanized Friday night, along with a third dog from the same home as one of the other dogs.

San Antonio Animal Care Services Director Shannon Sims said the two dogs responsible for the elderly man’s death were involved in another attack two years ago and had to be impounded by the shelter.

Sims further elaborated the animal shelter has received calls over the last two years from neighbors regarding the dogs, saying they were neglected and appeared to be stray.

Christian Alexander Moreno, 31, the owner of one of the dogs, was arrested by the San Antonio Police Department Covert Unit. He is facing a felony charge of attack by a dangerous dog causing death and a felony charge of injury to an elderly.


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