GET THE CLOWN MAKEUP READY: Incompetent Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Has A Crazy Idea On How To “Reduce” Crime (VIDEO)

Perhaps no city better epitomizes the burgeoning crime wave in America’s largest cities more than Chicago, Illinois. Mayor Lori Lightfoot finds herself at the center of this thanks to her apathetic attitude and Charmin-soft crime policies.

The Gateway Pundit reported today that 2,278 Chicagoans have been killed since Lightfoot took office back in 2019. At the same time, the arrest rate has dropped to a mere 5%.

She was even caught dancing in the snow at the same time her constituents were getting gunned down.

Surely the answer to quelling this crisis is to simply arrest more criminals and dole out harsh sentences. Right?

Unfortunately, this common sense idea is not in the cards. But do not fret because Lightfoot has come up with a bold, innovative solution to stop crime in Chicago.

During a mayoral debate last month, Lightfoot said her plan to end the crime wave involves telling vendors to stop using cash.


Lightfoot: We have been in Little Village working with those street vendors, understanding what the nature of the crime is, and making sure we are doing things in concert with them. Uh, uh, making sure their money is secure and not use money if at all possible. Using other forms of transactions to take care of themselves.

Lightfoot translated: hide your money peasants because I have no idea what I am doing. If something does get stolen you can always cancel your credit cards.

She has the blood of every Chicago crime victim squarely on her hands.


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