EXCLUSIVE: Project Veritas Staffers tell Board: Quit or We Walk!

Yesterday, James O’Keefe was fired by the board of the media organization he founded 13 years ago. He gave a 45 minute going away speech yesterday to staff.

Today, the reporters who are loyal to O’Keefe have told the board that unless they resign today, they are all quitting as a bloc.

This matches the loss of nearly 100,000 followers of PV on Twitter in one day. According to one PV insider about the current Project Veritas board member Matt Tyrmand: “Tyrmand is in full panic mode. We’re all about to walk out after an emergency board meeting tomorrow unless they all resign. All the real journalists here are out and they won’t have anyone left to do the real work that made this place great.”

Project Veritas has repeatedly released amazing undercover journalism exclusives, including major reporting on sacred left-wing institutions such as ACORN, National Public Radio, Hillary Clinton, Teacher Unions, Planned Parenthood, Jeffrey Epstein, 2020 Voter Fraud, and more. O’Keefe’s leadership of Project Veritas has resulted in a great deal of news being reported that otherwise would never have come out.

And explosively O’Keefe and Project Veritas this past month had a series of explosive reports on Pfizer where Dr. Jordon Walker admitted on camera that the pharmaceutical company systemically altered, edited, and ‘evolved’ the virus, as well as admitting a series of side-effects from supposedly safe COVID vaccines that the mainstream media labels disinformation. 

The Gateway Pundit asked this insider if the timing of O’Keefe’s ouster was at all tied to the Pfizer release as O’Keefe alleged in his going away speech to PV staff and they admitted that they felt as though it was too suspicious in time to be overlooked. The Project Veritas board includes: Matt Tyrmand, John Garvey George Skakel, Joseph Barton, Steve Alembik. This whole saga was apparently set in motion when O’Keefe tried to fire the Chief Financial Officer of the company Tom O’Hara.

The PV insider added, “The only thing that makes sense is that someone on the board of the organization is trying to destroy it from within. There’s no other explanation.”


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