CRAZY: Ben the Bear Escapes from Midwestern Zoo Enclosure for Second Time this Month, Forces “Shelter in Place”

This bear just doesn’t want to stay in his enclosure. 

Ben, the Andean bear, escaped his enclosure at the Saint Louis Zoo on Thursday.

All zoo guests were told to shelter in place until he was later found not far from his habitat.

He made it 100 feet before he was tranquilized.

The Hill reported:

The Saint Louis Zoo has reopened following a lockdown Thursday after Ben, an Andean bear, escaped from his enclosure.

Ben was found hanging around the River’s Edge, not far from his habitat. Zoo personnel were determining a plan to get Ben home, or into an enclosure he cannot escape.

After the bear was determined to be missing, zoo guests were told to shelter in place or stay in their vehicles.

Here are some photos of the bear:

The same bear escaped from his habitat earlier this month.

He escaped by toying with a part of the steel mash surrounding his habitat that caused a cable to give way.

Fox2Now reported:

An Andean bear briefly escaped his enclosure at the Saint Louis Zoo Tuesday morning, prompting staffers to initiate emergency protocol to safely and securely get the animal back inside his holding area.

According to Billy Brennan, a zoo spokesman, the incident occurred outside operating hours and was resolved before the zoo opened to the public.

Around 8 a.m., staffers discovered Ben the bear managed to get free from his enclosure in the River’s Edge. By about 9:40 a.m., the bear had been safely corralled near his habitat and staffers were able to tranquilize Ben and returned to his space.

After reviewing the evidence from the incident, the zoo does not suspect human fault or tampering was involved in the escape. Rather, this was a Goldilocks-esque case of Ben toying just the right spot on the steel mash surrounding his outdoor habitat, which caused a cable to give way and allowed Ben to make his way out.

The zoo said they will “investigate other alternative ways to secure the habitat.”

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