CNN Still Struggling to Fill 9 PM Slot After Firing Chris Cuomo Over a Year Ago

CNN may have new leadership, but the network is still a train wreck.

Chris Cuomo, who was their last permanent host in the 9 PM slot, was fired in December of 2021 but the network is still struggling to find someone to replace him.

They have had a rotating roster of hosts in the slot and nothing has worked. No one will stick or even comes close to cable news competitors like Sean Hannity at FOX or Rachel Maddow at MSNBC, who isn’t even a permamnent host anymore.

Variety reports:

CNN Bets News, Not Big Names, Will Capture Crowds at 9 PM

CNN hopes it’s finally hit upon a way to solve a long-vexing puzzle: What should it be airing at 9 p.m.? The solution requires the network to fit together many pieces.

Starting this week, the Warner Bros. Discovery-backed news outlet will fill the hour with a range of different special reports, all under the rubric of “CNN Primetime.” Future 9 p.m. hours could include one-on-one interviews with newsmakers; town halls that put government officials in direct contact with the people affected by policy decisions; and other programs that feature surprising “gets” and scoops.

The programming gambit backs away from the tried-and-true practice of relying on a single anchor or opinion host in the time slot, home to Sean Hannity, Alex Wagner and Rachel Maddow, and banks instead on creative ways of analyzing the news cycle.

CNN announced earlier Monday that anchor Laura Coates would on Wednesday at 9 p.m. gather defense and prosecution analysts and criminal trial veterans to examine the much-scrutinized Murdaugh double murder. On Thursday, anchor Sara Sidner will host what is billed as “a CNN Primetime event” that features White House correspondent Arlette Saenz interviewing First Lady Dr. Jill Biden during her visit to Africa. The First Lady is expected to address criticisms related to President Biden’s age in his potential quest for re-election.

Meanwhile, Jake Tapper is expected to interview Bill Maher — the comedian who hosts “Real Time” for CNN corporate sibling HBO — on Tuesday night at 9 p.m…

One of the advantages of the current “CNN Primetime” format is that it leaves things open to more tinkering. CNN could offer other new concepts at 9 p.m. in weeks to come. Another idea under consideration is special primetime editions of regular shows on the schedule that could feature those programs’ anchors with big scoops or interviews, according to the person familiar with the matter.

Interviews with Jill Biden and Bill Maher? CNN thinks that’s what’s going to save them?

Who wants to give them the bad news?

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