Canadian Pastor Gets Violently Removed From A Children’s Drag Queen Story Hour (VIDEO)

The Calgary Public Library in Alberta, Canada, hosted an all-ages drag event (meaning children were in attendance) called “Reading With Royalty” last weekend.

Pastor Derek Reimer, angered by the public library’s decision to exploit vulnerable children, protested the event.

A Calgary constituent filmed a video which opens with the pastor being restrained by a few grooming apologists and arguing with them.

He is then taken outside the library room and violently tossed to the ground.


After the assault, the pastor lifts himself up and calls the behavior “very abusive.”

Another man, possibly a friend of the pastor, can be heard telling a library staffer the children “are being indoctrinated with evil.”

The pastor goes to the another side of the library and continues to express his outrage.

“We are not going to take this outside,” the pastor says. “I can speak as I please, I can speak my religion.”

“What happened in there, it is abuse (referring to the children being exploited) and they physically threw me out of there and it’s all recorded. So I’m happy their faces are recorded.”

When one female library worker says he is “scaring children,” he retorts that the library is “indoctrinating children.”

He continues to lambast the event and warns parents to “not let their children become involved with this wickedness.”

While one is free to disagree with the pastor’s views, the violent response to his statements from these intolerant leftists is despicable and should be prosecuted.

Don’t expect anything to happen to his assailants, however. Justin Trudeau may even award them a medal.


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