Breaking: Idaho Legislature Passes Bill to Move Idaho-Oregon Border to Include Large Swath Eastern Oregon

In November 2022 two more counties in Oregon voted to join the state of Idaho. Several other counties have already done this in recent years.

The reasons are pretty simple. These Oregonians are tired of being associated with the radical left that rules the city of Portland and drives policy for the rest of the state.

They feel that Idaho, a far more conservative state, much better represents their beliefs.

Conservatives in Oregon fed up with the far-left policies coming from the state legislature in Salem may have hope on the horizon. The Greater Idaho Movement, a secession movement with allies in both the Oregon and Idaho state legislatures, is making progress in its efforts to convince 15 conservative counties in rural Oregon to secede and join Idaho.

11 eastern Oregon counties have already voted in favor of joining Idaho. Due to this success, Idaho state lawmakers have introduced legislation to begin discussions with the Oregon State Legislature on relocating the Idaho/Oregon state boundary.

A Republican State Senator in Oregon introduced a bill to start talks with Idaho last month.

Mike McCarter, the leader of The Greater Idaho Movement, argues his endeavor will give eastern Oregon voters an actual voice in state affairs should the counties officially join. Unlike the urban liberal areas which dominate Oregon politics, Idaho is a rural, conservative state with traditional values.

This week The Greater Idaho bill passed the Idaho House of Representatives.

Idaho News reported:

The “Greater Idaho” bill, which would move the Oregon-Idaho border to include a large swath of Eastern Oregon, has passed the Idaho House of Representatives. The bill authorizes Idaho legislators to begin talks with Oregon about relocating the state line.

During debate on the floor of the House, proponents of the bill cited the desirability of applying Idaho law to eastern Oregon as a way to move Oregon drug laws farther away from Idaho’s current population centers.

Proponents also cited an economic analysis from the Claremont institute that shows that rural Oregon counties would be a net benefit to Idaho financially, according to the report.

We will continue to follow this story and provide any additional information here.

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