Brazilian Socialist President Lula da Silva to Meet with Biden – Does He Want to Teach US Government Officials on How to Control Firearms?

Guest post by Fernando de Castro in Brazil

Brazil’s socialist President Lula da Silva will meet with Joe Biden tomorrow at the White House.  Brazil’s far-left leader is expected to talk about the economy, democracy and renewable energy with Biden.

There are no details yet on the content of Lula da Silva’s visit and his left-wing projects for Brazil.

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Biden says he intends to collaborate with projects to combat deforestation in Brazil, although Brazilian citizens are suspicious of the Democratic Party’s true intentions in the Amazon territory.

Lula da Silva has resumed his radical program of controlling citizens’ guns in Brazil. This is something his predecessor Jair Bolsonaro fought against.  Recently, Lula ordered his Minister of Justice, Flávio Dino, to force firearm owners to re-register their equipment so that the state can know how many guns each citizen owns.

Although guns are already registered in the state, Lula wants to have a direct way to control all citizens who own guns.

The gun control strategy resembles the Democratic Party’s plans to try to repeal gun rights in the Second Amendment.

Gun control in Brazil goes in the opposite direction of policies to relax civilian access to firearms during the administration of conservative Jair Bolsonaro.

Bolsonaro has always advocated for citizens to carry firearms because he maintained that “he was not a dictator and was not afraid of the population.”

Lula, however, says that guns are dangerous and only state security agents should have them. This is a failed strategy that only favored drug traffickers during previous governments, but Lula intends to insist on this public policy.

After all, you can’t control a population that is armed.


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