It Begins: Brazilian Socialist President Lula da Silva Forces Poor Families to Vaccinate their Children So They Can Receive Financial Aid from His Regime Or Risk Receiving Nothing (VIDEO)

Lula during the inauguration of the ophthalmology and diagnostic units in Benfica, Rio de Janeiro.

Stolen elections have consequences.

Brazil’s socialist President, Lula da Silva, has made mandatory childhood vaccinations a condition of receiving government subsidies.

The socialist president announced that parents would once again need to provide proof of vaccination for their children in order to participate in the Bolsa Familia program and receive the benefit, or else families will not receive any help from the government.

“The Bolsa Família Program (BFP) in Brazil is a conditional cash transfer program with national coverage that aims to support families living in poverty or extreme poverty, as well as expanding access to education and health services. The program was created by the federal government in October 2003 and enshrined in law in January 2004,” according to Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

The program targeted families with children and adolescents aged 0-17, where the household income is equal to or less than R$ 85.00 ($16.30) per person in extreme poverty, or between R$ 85.01 ($16.3) and R$ 170.00 ($33) in poverty.

Tens of millions of people are promised something akin to a universal basic income, but they will only receive it if they comply with Lula’s demands, The Rio Times reported.

“For God’s sake, we can’t be ignorant to the point of thinking it’s not worth getting vaccinated,” said Lula during the inauguration of the ophthalmology and diagnostic units in Benfica, Rio de Janeiro.

“I keep asking myself what kind of love does this mother have for her children, that she doesn’t take care of them at the most important moment when they can be vaccinated and can avoid a more delicate disease in their lives,” Lula continued.

Lula announced that the campaign of Zé Gotinha, a mascot used to make vaccination campaigns more attractive to children, will begin.

“We can’t hesitate; we can’t play around. It is a question of science,” he said.

It is still unclear which vaccines would be required in the program, but Lula hinted about COVID vaccines in his speech.

“If there are ten covid vaccines, 50 to take, I will take as many as necessary because I like my life. I think everyone has a duty to their children’s life, take them [to vaccinate] at the right age, that’s why they say the Bolsa Família is coming back,” Lula said.

“The Bolsa Família is coming back, and it is coming back with something important; it is coming back with conditions,” he added.

The Bolsa Familia program has four conditions:

  • First, children up to 6 years old will receive R$ 150 ($29) more.
  • Second, the children have to be at school, if they’re not at school, the mother loses the benefit.
  • Third, the children have to be vaccinated, if they’re not vaccinated, the mother also loses the benefit
  • Fourth, if the mother is in gestational stage, she has to take all the tests that medicine requires so that she can have a child that is “robust, strong and beautiful like me [Lula].

Watch the video below:

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that six bills are currently being introduced in the Brazilian senate that would criminalize those who refuse the mandated dose of COVID shots or who comment negatively about the vaccine’s efficacy and safety.

Senator Angelo Coronel of the Social Democratic Party of Brazil authored a bill (PL 5555/2020), which proposes adding a one- to three-year prison sentence to the Criminal Code for those “who omit or oppose the mandatory vaccination of children or adolescents” during a declared “public health emergency.”

Those who choose not to comply with the country’s forced vaccination schedule will face a prison sentence of two to eight years.

Anyone spreading “fake news” regarding the safety and efficacy of the COVID vaccines will face the same prison time.

If the person works for the government, the penalty will be doubled.

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