Army Veteran Joe Biggs’ First Interview From Solitary Confinement After Raided, Jailed By FBI 2 Years Ago

As millions of Americans ascended in the nation’s capital on January 6 to protest the stolen election, they fell into a trap masterminded and “orchestrated” by US spy agencies.

Intent on framing patriots exercising the First Amendment, law enforcement officials held the doors of the Capitol building open permitting demonstrators to roam around the federal building during an official proceeding.

Government plants like instigator Ray Epps facilitated the seditious ploy to frame innocent Americans by emphatically urging the peaceful protesters to “storm the Capitol.”

Following the massive crowd, many who merely walked around the capitol building just to use the bathroom have found themselves fighting a legal battle for their lives against the government, its unlimited funds and resources.

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Staff Sergeant Joseph Biggs, a decorated military veteran, fell right into the FBI’s trap.

Biggs had a gut instinct not to go to Washington, DC that day. Two members of the Proud Boys had already been stabbed by Antifa activists during the Stop the Steal rallies.

But the famed show host and former Infowars reporter who earned two Purple Hearts during several tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan underestimated his intuition. Biggs traveled from his home in Florida to one of the largest demonstrations in US history to protest the coup of the executive branch and US election integrity and continue to what the Proud Boys had done for years as Antifa terrorized and burned down cities while police stood down: protect innocent civilians while police stand down.

It was not just Antifa that would put his life at risk. He was up against a bigger foe, the gigantic trap set by the spy agencies weaponized against the American people.

Biggs maintains he walked into the US Capitol building for a few minutes as police officers held the doors open. When he walked out, a friend told him he was looking for his son who was inside the building.

“Well, I won’t let you go back in there alone,” Biggs replied. He accompanied his friend and entered the building a second time. He stopped to use the restroom.

Two weeks later, on January 20, 2021, the FBI apprehended Biggs in a predawn raid. He is grateful his 3-year-old daughter Savannah was at his mother’s house during his arrest and did not witness FBI agents hauling him away during the 3 am raid.

Biggs committed no act of violence during the riot where Capitol Hill Police Officers murdered four unarmed demonstrators.

The cops who killed the 5 unarmed demonstrators in broad daylight have been exonerated of all charges; Suspiciously, the government provided special housing for Lt. Michael Byrd after he shot dead Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt and awarded Officer Lila Morris after she killed Trump supporter Roseanne Boyland.

Government prosecutors exhibited footage during the trial last week in which Biggs  is seen gloating, “We stormed the capitol” to convince jurors he conspired and the Proud Boys

Biggs is currently isolated in the Virginia Detention Facility in Alexandria, Virginia. Norm Pattis, the lead defense attorney representing Biggs declined to provide details about why his client has been caged in solitarily confined for over a year, a penalty typically reserved for violent inmates, murderers, and rapists.

This reporter visited the Biggs at the jail. He is prohibited from the same visitation afforded to the general population of the jail. He can only interact with his visitors from behind a bulletproof glass on a recorded phone call. He revealed during the visit that our meeting was his visit from anyone but his attorneys since he’s been locked up; that his concrete cell less is less than half the size of the narrow 20 by 4 foot corridor allotted for visitors; that he is only released from his cell for an hour a day to use the microwave and shower; he has been freezing for months enduring the 30-degree temperature because guards won’t turn the air conditioner off during the winter after refusing to turn it on in the summer;  that he is isolated from the general population in solitary confinement because he is deemed by the government a domestic terrorist akin to Osama bin Laden for arbitrating an attack akin to 9/11.

“The Lord will fight for you, you need only these still,” the staff sergeant told The Gateway Pundit in an exclusive interview on a government-surveilled call from the jail.

“That’s been my goal to just be patient and let God’s plan work out and see what happens,” he said.

A priority upon being exonerated of the federal government’s litany of felonious charges and reunited with now 6-year-old Savannah, Biggs intends to help reform the broken criminal justice system.

“You get an idea of how trials go through the movies and books, but boy, let me tell you, it’s nothing like you read. It’s set up against you in every way,” Biggs warned.” I mean, the prosecutors are allowed to say anything they want, introduce anything they want — testimony from FBI agents they know lied; testimony from people who have changed their stories, and we even have proof that they’ve changed their stories and it doesn’t matter.”

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“It’s just a broken system, and it’s rigged against you. We are not able to counter the lies unless we take the stand. And then … it’s a whole very varying amount of different things that you have to do to put yourself at risk just to get the truth out,” he continued. “It’s ridiculous. This justice system definitely needs some work done to it. And so does this jail.

“It seems like — that [prosecutors] would bring out whatever alleged proof that they have and we will bring out the real proof and match them up against each other and the victor goes home. And if this was a fact-finding mission about the events on January 6 and who perpetrated stuff, we wouldn’t be here.

“Hopefully when we are victorious, victorious at the end of this, myself and the other four guys that are part of this Proud Boy indictment, we will be able to lend a hand in trying to figure out a lot of these problems that are happening.”

Biggs is being tried alongside four other members of the Proud Boys, Enrique Tarrio, Ethan Nordean, Dominic Pezzolla and Zachary Rehl. Tarrio did not attend the J6 rally. Biggs never met or interacted with Pezzolla or Rehl prior to his arrest. Pezolla is accused of breaking a window. .

“It all goes back to the November [debate] a few years ago between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, when Joe Biden put a face to, and a name, to the group that he wanted to go after the most which was the Proud Boys,” the 39-year-old former Censored.TV host explained. “We all kind of had a feeling that once Biden was in, they would come after us and that they have.

“This trial is about destroying our names. It’s about taking things that have happened in our personal lives and using it against us. It’s about things that have nothing to do with any of us on trial — and that’s just free game,” he said. “We have very rarely even talked about January 6 during this trial. Most of it are other events, other things.”



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