Wisconsin Lawmakers Introduce Common Sense Legislation that Forces State to Scrub Voter Rolls of some 3.6 – 3.8 million Inactive Voters

Guest post by Jefferson Davis
Thanks to the courageous move of Senator Jacque (R-DePere) and Rep. Bodden (R-Hilbert), in what should have been a legislative no-brainer idea for many years now, these two brave men have bucked Leadership to introduce a bill (See attached LRB-0760/1) that would completely scrub My Vote WI (Under the auspices of the Wisconsin Election Commission Home (wi.gov)) of its approximate 3.6 -3.8 million extra ineligible “inactive” non-registered voter names that are, for some unexplained reason, co-mingled with the approximate 3.6 million eligible “active” registered voter names.
The “inactive” designation for My Vote WI means a person’s name is on the voter rolls, but not on the poll books for elections due to moving, death, being a felon, being declared incompetent, registered in another state, fraudulent citizenship or made inactive through Wisconsin’s rarely enforced “voter maintenance record” law after 4 years of no voter activity (Search | Wisconsin Elections Commission).
Wisconsin has operated a statewide voter registration database since 2006.
Prior to 2006, Clerks across Wisconsin were individually responsible for maintaining their respective voter rolls.
The statewide voter database was sold to legislators, Clerks and voters that it would save time, save money and be much more efficient for the administration of voter rolls.
That really worked out well.
Senator Jacque and Rep. Bodden are strongly encouraging fellow legislators to consider being a Co-Sponsor for LRB-0760/1 to finally clean up Wisconsin’s voter rolls that have been poisoned and compromised for many years in spite of what the Wisconsin Election Commission (About the WEC | Wisconsin Elections Commission) reports to the public, press and media of the approximate 7.3 million names on the voter rolls (FAQ | Wisconsin Elections Commission).
The deadline to sign on as a Co-Sponsor for this bill is Tuesday, January 24, 2023, by 5:00 P.M.
The following Republican Senators (21 in total – Darling retired) have joined Senator Jacque as Co-Sponsors so far (4 in total with Sen. Jacque):
The following Republican Representatives (64 in total) have joined Rep. Bodden as Co-Sponsors so far (17 in total with Rep. Bodden):
My Vote WI Comes Under Scrutiny
Voter records are only to be accessed by the some 1,849 Clerks across Wisconsin through a secure user and password combination.
Only designated Clerks, Staff and WEC Staff are supposed to be allowed to access My Vote WI to update voter rolls for activating and or deactivating names on the voter rolls.
Extra FIDO Keys (Fast Identity Online) issued to Clerks came under heavy questioning during the 2020 Presidential Election (wec_20220304.pdf (wpr.org)) to the point where democrat operatives had to create an all-out media blitz to defend the use of the FIDO Keys.
The Office of Special Counsel and its 2021-22 investigation of the 2020 Presidential Election, also reported many questionable security issues with the administration and accessibility of the voter rolls in Wisconsin (Microsoft Word – OSC Second Interim Report (wisconsin.gov)).
FIDO Keys can provide an extra layer of security to access the My Vote WI voter database when used properly.
Wisconsin’s current population is approximately 5.9 million (wisconsin population – Google Search).
Wisconsin’s total number of eligible voters (Age 18 & older) is 4.65 million (Health Compass Milwaukee :: Demographics :: State :: Wisconsin :: Age).
According to the Wisconsin Election Commission, there are currently 3.6 million eligible registered active voters on the My Vote WI voter rolls (Voter Registration Statistics | Wisconsin Elections Commission).
According to the Wisconsin Election Commission, there are currently about 3.6 – 3.8 million inactive voters that are ineligible to vote in the My Vote WI database (See attached WEC Inactive Voters).
This leaves an extra 3.6 – 3.8 million names on the voter rolls every election for potentially bad actors to conduct nefarious voting behavior.
According to WEC’s website, the number of eligible registered active voters is almost equally inflated for all 72 Counties for a Presidential Election Year and mid-term elections during the month of October through election day and then almost equally reduced by the same amount over a number of months after those elections (Voter Registration Statistics | Wisconsin Elections Commission).
Wisconsin is required by law (Wisconsin Legislature: 6.36(1)(ae)2.) to contract with a George Soros founded and funded supposed non-profit company (Voter maintenance program controversy stems from political rumors, federal lawsuits, Pt. 1 (1819news.com)) to maintain inter-state voter registration data  (Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) | Wisconsin Elections Commission).
A growing number of states are terminating their voter maintenance contract with ERIC (FINAL VERSION-1.27.22 ERIC PR.pdf (la.gov)).
Let’s hope Wisconsin will follow suit soon with new legislation.
Even More Notoriety for My Vote WI
My Vote WI gained even more notoriety in 2022 when two very highly publicized events took place that demonstrated the vulnerability and how easy it was to compromise the voter database.
The first event involved accessing My Vote WI to request having voter absentee ballots sent to an address that the voter did not live at (AMENDED: Fraudulent Absentee Ballot Requests | Wisconsin Elections Commission).
The compromise of My Vote WI for absentee ballot mailings was so bad that WEC Staff had to immediately put a bandaid on the database as a hopeful firewall to prevent any further absentee ballots being sent to an address that is not the voters’ address.
In addition to the bandaid firewall of the voter database, WEC then called an emergency meeting to adopt a new policy to track any absentee ballot request that was being sent to an address other than the voters’ address with a postcard mailing confirmation (See attached WEC Postcard Absentee Ballot).
After many public denials from WEC, that mailing absentee ballots to an address other than that of the voter was even possible, WEC sent an initial round of 12,739 postcards out in late 2022 to notify voters that an absentee ballot in their name had been requested to be sent to an address other than theirs.
In a state supposedly decided by 20,682 votes in 2020, after a 3:26 A.M., November 4th, absentee ballot dump of 170,000 votes from a missing flash drive, with all precincts reporting and with President Trump comfortably ahead, absentee ballots being sent to an address other than that of the voter is a very serious matter (Milwaukee Election Flash Drive Was Briefly Lost, Sources Say. (wisconsinrightnow.com)).
The other My Vote WI database compromise involved a City of Milwaukee Election Staff Member falsely creating 3 military voter absentee ballots for three different fake voters from 3 different Clerks and sending them to Rep. Brandtjen (R-Menomonee Falls) (Kimberly Zapata pleads not guilty in military ballot fraud case (fox6now.com)).
That election fraud case is still being considered in Milwaukee County.
Approval Process of Scrubbing My Vote WI Inactive Voters
Once the Co-Sponsor window is closed on Tuesday, January 24, 2023, at 5:00 P.M., the bill will be assigned a number for each House (Assembly and Senate).
Once the bill has an official number, it will be scheduled for hearings in the Assembly and Senate Campaign and Elections Committees respectively.
Once the hearings are completed, the bill will be sent to the floor of the Assembly and Senate for approval.
It is anticipated that Governor Evers will veto this bill.
In order to override a governor’s veto of any bill, the Assembly and Senate need to have a 66% vote of the members present to do so.
If the Senate Seat recently vacated by Senator Darling is a hold for republicans in the Special Election, then the Senate should have a two-thirds supermajority (22-11).
The Assembly has a 64-35 majority, but not a two-thirds supermajority.
It is very possible, with everything being equal, that LRB-0760/1 could become law in 2023 for the 2024 election cycle.
This would be a major victory for election integrity supporters all across Wisconsin after two years of tireless work and efforts to hold the election fraudsters accountable.
Plan of Action to Support Scrubbing My Vote WI of Inactive Voters
  • Please immediately email your State Representative to ask them to sign on as a Co-Sponsor of LRB-0760/1 (2023 Wisconsin State Representatives).
  • Please immediately email your State Senator to ask them to sign on as a Co-Sponsor of LRB-0760/1 (2023 Wisconsin State Senators).
  • Please call your local conservative talk radio show to voice your support of LRB-0760/1.
  • Please contact your County GOP Executive Leadership Team to encourage them to pass a resolution supporting LRB-0760/1 (Use interactive map – Find Your County Party – Republican Party of Wisconsin (wisgop.org)) and to forward their resolution to their State Representative and Senator.
  • Please immediately email those Representatives and Senators that have already signed on as Co-Sponsors to thank them.
  • Please feel free to forward this email to your legislator and to everyone in your Contact File.
Thank you for your continued support to restore election integrity for all voters in Wisconsin.
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