Wife of Jan 6 Political Prisoner Speaks Out After He Is Beaten and Blinded in One Eye by Prison Guards – Asks Americans for Their Support

In early December, US political prisoner Ryan Samsel called The Gateway Pundit to tell us he had lost his phone privileges for six months starting tomorrow.  He told us the prison staff was outraged that The Gateway Pundit exposed his horribly abusive story to the American public.

Ryan, who has not even had his case tried in court and has sat in prison for nearly two years, was severely beaten, hogtied, abused, tied to a chair for 12 hours by prison guards since he was arrested back in January 2021.  Ryan was then denied medical treatment for his injuries and his precancerous growths.

Ryan lost vision in one eye after one of his prison beatings.

The prison staff told Ryan in December that he would lose his privileges for speaking out and communicating with The Gateway Pundit.

Today we are publishing Ryan Samsel’s wife’s letter to the American public.

Please do not forget these American political prisoners.

** Please give to Ryan Samsel’s GiveSendGo account here.  This man desperately needs funding.

And do not forget —  Archbishop Vigano is calling on the faithful to fast for three days in support of the Jan 6 political prisoners.

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Hi Everyone,

This is Ryan Samsel’s wife. I am speaking on behalf of Ryan and would like to address, to all of you, some concerns about the abuse that goes on in several of the jails housing J6 Political Prisoners.

A few months after January 30, 2021, when Ryan was arrested, he was detained in the DC Correctional Facility. On March 21, 2021, Ryan was woken up and viciously beaten by the hands of the correctional officers. The COs were clearly directed by a higher power of authority to physically assault Ryan.

Shortly after, Ryan was then moved to Virginia and held in three different facilities (RRJ, CVRJ, then NNRJ).

While in Northern Neck Regional Jail, under the orders of Capt. English, Sgt. Taylor, along with a few others, had Ryan cuffed and beaten while they were all yelling and demanding him to “get down,” so he followed their orders and got down to the ground.

Ryan says:

“The night before, they moved me off of “J” Block for no reason and put me in a cell while visiting with my lawyer. I was ordered to be cuffed in the front by doctors orders because of the blood clots in my arm. Sergeant Taylor, who was a captain at the time, refused these doctors’ orders, forced me to the ground then Captain English stood behind Sergeant Taylor demanding that he stab me, and slam my head into the wall. Then, they returned me to the hole, put me into another cell without a camera but was in view of the block camera and they came back in and beat me, twisted my hands behind me while being uncuffed, then spit in my face and refused to give me food.

Later, I passed out and was forcibly given Narcan (a medication used for someone who is overdosing). The guards told me that I had better say I fell out of my bed, due to drugs. I was refused yet another hospital trip by the prison doctor, and a second doctor was called and told prison officials not to take me to the hospital until he got there. Dr. Dudely (2nd doctor) works at the jail, as well as at the local hospital.

 I called my wife for help and she called my lawyers.

Raechel responded:

When speaking with Ryan after the assault it took 3 times to connect with him on the phone because they would cut off the call and would hang up. When we got through to one another he tried talking but I could barely understand what he was saying (Ryan was slurring his words and sounded very disoriented). At points of the conversations he was very quiet and had to yell to get him to talk again. I am not sure if he was going in and out of consciousness. But what I could make out from his words is that he wanted me to help him, call his lawyers and that he could not breathe, and they gave him narcan, to call 911.

The lawyers were able to talk with Ryan after his assault and they were having trouble figuring out what he was saying too. I was yelling saying that they need to do something, help him, he could be dying. I told Ryan to hang in there and we will get him help immediately. I called 911 and called the police. The Lawyers called US Marshall’s and Jail.

Ryan says:

When the ambulance got to the jail the EMTs were told by the jail that there was no inmate named Ryan Samsel there.

At some point I was brought to the hospital and had CT Scan done and the results showed that I had a broken skull and stab marks on my legs. There were pictures of my injuries taken at the hospital, and reports showed that I had no drugs in my system.

After going to the hospital and being returned to the jail, my phone privileges were taken away, and my lawyer refused to acquire the film footage as I had requested. I was refused mail and even a pen/pencil to document anything that happened from the assault. I was put in complete lock down.

 At court I had told Judge Kelly what had happened and he ordered the prison to get the needed medical attention for me. The jail gave me a write up 30 days after my court hearing with Judge Kelly.

 This brutal assault happened under the orders of Capt. English. I will not let go of what you did to me. The truth will be told, and you will surely regret your cowardness. You have said some nasty and offensive things about me and about the people who died on Jan 6th.  I have the facts, and there is video of what you have done.”

In support of my husband I am asking to, please, help Ryan. This is something that cannot go silent. The abuse needs to stop. Enough is enough.

So this is where I am asking people to stand up, be bold, be brave, and speak out.

Write to the local court house, write local newspapers, write to your representatives in congress, etc… Demand investigations into Capt. English for being unprofessional and abusive to Americans who love freedom and God.

Please make sure to support all political prisoners in the jails. Tell them you love them and respect them. Be their voice to bring people together. We are the people who must spread the word. Give all inmates a call-in number.

Let all voices be heard. We stand together, not just 6ers but all who struggle together for freedom. We are one people against big government. This is not a black, white, gay, straight issue. This is the right thing, and an honest system where all people are treated fairly, for all people.

We Love You All.


** Please give to Ryan Samsel’s GiveSendGo account here.  This man desperately needs funding.

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