WATCH: Surveillance Video of Pelosi Attacker David Depape Busting Window with Hammer Before Entering Home Released

The police bodycam footage of the Paul Pelosi assault was released Friday morning.

The video showed the attacker, David DePape, 42, assault Pelosi with a hammer as police arrived to the scene.

Pelosi opened the door and looked calm holding the hammer and holding a drink in his underwear.

The 911 call prior to the attack was also released.


Fox News obtained footage of David DePape busting the window with a hammer before entering the home.


The Department of Justice in October announced two federal criminal charges against David DePape.

“DePape was charged with attempted kidnapping, and with retaliating against a federal official by threatening or injuring a family member.”

David DePape pleaded not guilty to all charges in his first court appearance in November.