WALLS FOR ME BUT NOT FOR THEE: Biden Building MASSIVE Fence Around His Delaware Beach House While Leaving Southern Border WIDE OPEN

Biden does believe in walls when he personally benefits, not so much other Americans. The Daily Mail revealed yesterday that construction of a big, beautiful wall around his luxurious vacation home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware began just last week.

Last year, Joe Hoft broke the story of the Biden Crime Family applying for a variance to build a wall around their vacation home.

Biden has the audacity to build a personal wall while millions of illegal aliens stream across the U.S.-Mexico border. Because of Biden’s lawless border policies, thousands of Americans are dying from fentanyl overdoses and getting killed by illegals. Social services are also in dire straits due to providing care for these illegal migrants.

None of this matter to Biden, of course. He might he even want some of you dead, particularly if you are white without a college degree.

Here’s the infuriating story from The Daily Mail:

“Construction began last week for privacy fencing surrounding President Joe Biden ‘s favorite vacation spot at his home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.”

“DailyMail.com images show the entire side of Biden’s beach home walled off by tall white fencing broken up by gray stone pillars as workers continued to build up the barrier around the grounds last week.”

“The front of the property now has a half-wall of gray stone with an opening where cars may enter the driveway.”

“Plans to put up fencing around Biden’s beach home began in 2021 when the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) awarded a contract for additional security barriers at the president’s private residence at the beach in Delaware.

Guess who’s paying for this project to protect Biden? You, the American people.

“Since the plan is a government contract, taxpayers will foot the $490,324 bill for the purchase and installation of security fencing. The new price is a nearly $34,000 increase from the original contract price with Turnstone Holdings, LCC. It’s unclear the reason for the increase, but inflation hikes and supply chain delays could have hit the project – just like it hit every other American.”

“Construction is expected to continue through the summer this year and wrap in September 2023.”

Biden’s message to the American people: shut up about your own security concerns and make sure my beautiful vacation home has wall-to-wall protection. Such a despicable individual we have in the Oval Office.



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