WA Democrats to Release Hundreds of “Worst of the Worst” Sex Offenders into Residential Communities

In 2021, Washington state Democrats passed legislation making it easier resettle Level-3 sex offenders, “the worst of the worst”  into residential communities.

Democrat Governor Jay Inslee apparently thinks it is a good idea to release the nation’s most violent sexual predators from a secured facility on the isolated McNeil Island and rehoming them into private homes in residential communities for profit.

It is particularly concerning that state is using “for profit” founded and run by a former DSHS employee.  Moving the monitoring of these violent offenders into the private sector shifts liability away from the state and reduces transparency.

What could go wrong?

We the Governed provides background on the plans, and the people who will profit off making our communities less safe.

The Post Millennial reports:

Washington state is releasing Level-3 sex offenders from McNeil Island. Called “the worst of the worst” by the federal government, this group of offenders includes convicted pedophiles that are likely to re-offend. They will be resettled into residential neighborhoods in halfway homes operated by a private company.

Washington Democrats passed legislation in 2021 that amended state law to make it easier to equally distribute conditionally released sexually violent predators which they refer to as “residents” in counties across the state. The legislation established what lawmakers called “fair share principals,” requiring each county in the state to provide community-based housing for conditionally released sexually violent predators who are from their respective counties. The sponsor of the legislation, Democratic State Sen. Christine Rolfes said at the time that the purpose was so that “people who are potentially dangerous, but not necessarily dangerous, back into communities where they can live safely and with their constitutional liberties protected.”

The Community Protection Act originally designated McNeil Island a first-of-its-kind civil commitment center in the 1980s. According to The Guardian, the 200 residents have “been convicted of at least one sex crime – including sexual assault, rape, and child molestation. A court has then found them to meet the legal definition of a ‘sexually violent predator’, meaning they have a mental abnormality or personality disorder that makes them likely to engage in repeat sexual violence.”

Those that were deemed a continuing threat to the community after completing their prison sentences were civilly committed to McNeil Island. One of the inmates at McNeil is Calvin Malone, who according to the Guardian, “worked as a Boy Scout troop leader in various states across the country, as well as with an organization that works with at-risk youth. In these roles, he molested numerous boys and was convicted of sex crimes in California, Oregon, and Washington.”

Concerned residents in the Tenino community, who were shocked to discover one of the facilities was slated for their community, are fighting back to protect their families.

They confronted county commissioners who are now looking at legal options to stop any transfers.


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