VILE: Texas RINO Dan Crenshaw Declares McCarthy GOP Hold-Outs “NARCISSISTS” and His “ENEMIES” (VIDEO)

One would think Congressman Crenshaw could maintain a minutia of perspective and save his deepest ire for the terrorists who took his eye in Afghanistan. But no, conservative patriots like his fellow Texas Congressman Chip Roy serve as his ultimate adversary for daring to oppose squish Kevin McCarthy.

In an interview with CNN’s Manu Raju Tuesday morning, Crenshaw blasted the GOP hold-outs for seeking “notoriety over principle.” He then told Raju the debates ended when the House Republican caucus nominated McCarthy for speaker.

“They lost those debates. That should have been the end of it because that is how a team works. You hash this stuff out, you figure it out, and then you move on.”

Crenshaw’s tone toward his fellow GOPers turned sharper when he deliberately misconstrued their honorable opposition with narcissism. Besides tragically losing his eye, Crenshaw has also lost his sense of irony.

“But if you’re a narcissist and you believe your opinion is so much more important than anyone else’s, then you keep going. And you’ll threaten to tear down the team for it for the benefit of the Democrats just for your own sense of self-importance. That’s exactly what’s happening here.”

What a vicious piece of slander. Check out this speech by Roy Tuesday afternoon on the House floor declaring his support for Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan. He makes clear his opposition to McCarthy is out of concern for our country, the complete opposite of narcissism.

Crenshaw then echoed his fellow Uniparty member Nebraska Congressman Don Bacon by vowing to vote for only McCarthy. GOP hold-outs have repeatedly offered alternatives for Speaker.

“We will not vote for anyone else but McCarthy. If these people think they’re stubborn, well we’re more stubborn.”

The disgraceful RINO saved his worst for last, however. Crenshaw told Raju he now viewed the McCarthy hold-outs as his “enemies.” He again accused them of favoring the Democrats as well.

“They are enemies now. They have made it clear they prefer a Democrat agenda rather than a Republican one.”

A Democrat agenda is actually what we have now. Conservatives led by Roy are offering a true conservative platform and want GOP leadership to be accountable to their members and the American people. But Crenshaw would rather throw a childish tantrum instead.

This is what the leadership fight is all about. Unfortunately, the Uniparty is too blinded by their own narcissism and unquenchable thirst for power to see the truth.


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