Utah Doctor Arrested for Giving Saline Shots to Kids Instead of Vaccines

Four individuals are being charged for giving saline shots to children instead of the vaccines. 

Citizen Free Press shared the story this morning.   According to the report coming out of a local station in Utah ABC4:

A Utah plastic surgeon, his neighbor, and two others are facing charges after allegedly giving people fake vaccination cards and destroying government-provided COVID-19 vaccinations.

Dr. Michael Kirk Moore Jr., 58, and his neighbor, Kristin Jackson Andersen, 59, have been charged with conspiracy to defraud the United States, conspiracy to convert, sell, convey, and dispose of government property, conversion sale, conveyance, and disposal of government property and aiding and abetting.

The Plastic Institute of Utah Inc., along with office manager Kari Dee Burgoyne, 52, and receptionist Sandra Flores, 31, faces the same charges.

According to court documents, Moore and his co-defendants allegedly ran a scheme out of Plastic Surgery Institute of Utah Inc. to defraud the United States and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The documents say Moore and Andersen were members of a private organization seeking to “liberate the medical profession from government and industry conflicts of interest.”

In the allegations, the four destroyed at least $28,000 worth of COVID-19 vaccinations and distributed at least 1,900 doses’ worth of fake completed vaccination record cards. The court documents allege the fake vaccination cards were sold either for direct cash payments of $50 per person per occurrence or required “donations to a specified charitable organization.”

The court documents estimate the fake vaccination cards have a total value of nearly $97,000.

Moore and his co-defendants also allegedly gave children saline shots at the request of their parents so the children would think they were receiving a COVID-19 vaccine.

It’s difficult to believe that the doctors were in the wrong in giving saline shots to children if their parents requested that this be done.

Many Americans believe that these doctors should be awarded medals rather than prosecuted due to the many material issues with the vaccines.  There is more and more evidence that the vaccines are not safe.

Just this week it was reported that the FAA had to change its parameters for pilots to accommodate the increase in heart EKG results since many pilots were mandated to take the COVID vaccine.

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We’ve seen it around the world.  Since the COVID vaccine was given to the masses, people are dying.  The number of individuals dropping in professional sports, some of the fittest individuals in the world, has seemingly radically increased.   Evidence shows that morbidity and mortality rates have materially increased since COVID vaccines were instituted and mandated.

MUST SEE – Historic Increase in Working Class Disabilities and Deaths after COVID Vaccine Mandates – Athletes and Media Personalities Are Dropping Before Our Very Eyes (VIDEOS)

Any efforts to protect children from these vaccines should be applauded not criminalized. 

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