Two-Tiered Justice System: 75-Year-Old Former Trump CFO Sent to Rikers Island for Not Paying Taxes on Company Car and Staying at Company Apt.

It’s well known that a politicized justice system is a sign of the rot and decay of a society.

In the past decade, as Democrats have become more and more radicalized and unstable, we have seen several instances of complete lawlessness in our justice system. January 6, 2021, is a prime example of this. Today we have a Stasi FBI hunting down Trump supporters who stood outside the US Capitol that day so that they can arrest, abuse and ruin their lives. At the same time the far left terrorists who caused nearly $2 billion of property damage in 2020 are not even an item of concern for the Chris Wray FBI.

We all see what’s going on.

Democrats can run a coup against President Trump for 5 years and not one person sits behind bars today. Republicans are jailed without trial for over two years for walking through the US Capitol.

There is no question that President Trump is the biggest victim of this two-tiered justice system. From the bogus impeachments, to the FBI spying, to Hillary Clinton’s fake dossier, to the raid on his home, to the abuse of his wife and children, the Democrat justice system has made Trump’s life a living hell.

On Thursday President Trump posted this message on Truth Social on his former CFO.

President Trump’s 75-year-old CFO Allen Weisselberg was sentenced to months in prison in Rikers Island for not paying taxes on a company car and the use of a company apartment.

As President says, “He didn’t pay taxes on the use of a company car – does anyone?”

This is the latest example of a corrupt justice system that is out to ruin the lives of their political opposition.

At the same time, the lunatics on the left are allowing violent criminals to run roughshod on our streets.

God help us.

President Trump: Please read and understand how unfair our two-tiered Legal System has become!

Page 1: I can’t get over the fact that a casualty of the greatest Witch Hunt of all time, Allen Weisselberg, my long time employee and chief financial officer, is sitting in a prison cell in Rikers Island for a type of case that has never been brought before in the history of our Country. He didn’t pay taxes on the use of a company car – does anyone?The use of a company apartment – does anyone? Or the Education of his grandchildren – Wow! Are these things really criminal, or even a crime?

Remember, we are talking about New York City as the Crime and Murder Capital of the World, where no murder case has even been tried by the D.A. in 6 years, and yet they spend tens of millions of dollars, view 11,000,000 pages of documents, years of investigation, and weeks in trial over the education of grandchildren, etc. Such a thing has never happened before. He was offered a “DEAL” if he pled GUILTY TO EVERYTHING – 90 days, or Life in Prison. Allen Weisselberg is a CRIME VICTIM, and so am I.

This statement was posted on Truth Social by President Trump.

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