After Trey Gowdy Calls McCarthy Opposition “Clown Show,” Matt Gaetz Goes There On The Benghazi Hearings (VIDEO)

Matt Gaetz is leading the opposition to Kevin McCarthy.

And he’s taking flack from a lot of do-nothing Republicans because of it.

Trey Gowdy called the battle for Speaker a “Clown Show” – he wants Gaetz and the others to fall in line.

Video (partial transcript below):

From the video above:

“Trey Gowdy: We’re going to have to. Unless you believe in minority rights in the extreme you don’t go from 20 to 218. You’re never going to get some of these people Sean…they live to be in opposition to Republicans. But people watching your show need to call and say I didn’t work my tail off in November to watch ya’ll look like a clown show on national television.”

Gaetz blasted Trey Gowdy for his criticism – and brought up all the promises Trey Gowdy made about Benghazi.

Video (transcript below):

From the video above

“Matt Gaetz: Trey Gowdy would know something about clown shows. That’s probably how a lot of us would categorize the Benghazi hearings that resulted in people screaming at each other in a big report but no real accountability. I remember the Trey Gowdy who went on your network as a Congressman and said that he’s reviewed what had gone on with the FBI and department of justice and that they had done nothing wrong and that actually the American people would be happy with what they were looking at with President Trump. We now of course know that to be false and even Trey Gowdy has expressed regret about that so I don’t exactly take a lot of armchair quarterbacking from someone who during his time in Congress wasn’t among the fighters.”

Whatever happened to the criminal referrals that were to come out of the Benghazi hearings, Trey? 

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