Former CIA Agent Qualified As Juror On Proud Boys’ Trial: Wife Of J6 Political Prisoner Dominic Pezolla Sounds Alarm On Tainted Jury Pool And Explains Exactly How Her Husband Is Being Starved To Death


Nearly every juror who determine whether Proud Boys members, Dominic Pezolla, Enrique Tarrio, Joseph Biggs, Ethan Nordean, are guilty of conspiring sedition during the riot on January 6, 2020 have exhibited strong, bias against Trump supporters, are  supporters of Antifa, Black Lives Matter and have attended the Women’s March.

As the Gateway Pundit has reported, United States District Judge Timothy J. Kelly, a Trump-appointed federal magistrate, qualified a former Black Lives Matter organizer for jury selection.

One juror qualified by  Judge Kelly is a former CIA agent, Lisa Pezolla, the wife of J6 defendant Dominic Pezolla, warned in an interview with TGP.

“A former CIA agent from the counterterrorism department was qualified as a juror today for this trial,” Lisa said. “This is not a jury of their peers by any means. It is not an impartial jury.

“Every potential juror on this that has been qualified to this point has vocally and put on their questionnaires that they have some type of preconceived notion about Dominic — not only about Dominic, but the proud boys group as a whole. They made it very clear that they will not be impartial and are still being seated as potential jurors. It is ludicrous.

Jury selection for the Proud Boys trial began on December 19 and Judge Kelly has interviewed over 100 potential jury members.

The nine defense attorneys representing the Proud Boys warn the jury pool is so tainted in Washington DC, that the case must be litigated in another state.

But Judge Kelly refuses to uphold the defense team’s repeated request.

As one Washingtonian with an extreme left-wing bias, after another, after another qualified for jury selection, Norm Pattis, attorneys representing J6 defendant Joseph Biggs, shot back at government prosecutors during on Wednesday jury selection, calling the stacked jury pool “an unendurable farce.”

When the court adjourned on Thursday afternoon, finally, one of over 100 jurors interviewed demonstrated impartiality about the events surrounding J6. The defense team and family members of the Proud Boys were in disbelief. A court reporter noted, “Lighting struck.” Judge Kelly acknowledged, “lighting had struck.”

Of the dozens of jurors that qualified, only one referred to the Proud Boys as a “conservative” group, every other potential juror interviewed characterized the Proud Boys as a “far-right” group of “white supremacists.”

After Dominic Pezolla leaves jury selection and returns to his cell at the Alexandria Detention Center, he resorts to eating bags of chips with money from his commissary.

Dominic is allergic to soy but correction officers in the jail will only serve him soy and refuse to allow him a medical evaluation to verify so that he can obtain food he can eat.

Dominic is now being penalized for insistently pleading with guards for food without soy, Lisa Pezolla told The Gateway Pundit:

Dominic has a soy allergy. He has several allergies to lots of things. It’s documented well in his medical history. “Back on November 20, he requested to stop getting soy trays because he cannot eat them. It causes him to have really bad stomach aches really bad digestive issues.

The Marshal’s Office denied to pay $8 for the soy testing. So Dominic requested that he would pay for the test himself out of his commissary. Here are his three separate requests asking for this test, so he could stop being fed soy trays, he’s living off his commissary. On December 29, he asked Deputy Waratahs in the Alexandria Detention Center if she could open his flap so he could warm up some water so he could make coffee and some of his commissary, too, which her response was, ‘No, you can do it when you get out, which wasn’t until 11pm.’ Her response was I don’t care what the other deputies do. You can be hungry all day until you get out or you can eat the trays that make him sick.

In response, Dominic said in his cell, not directly to her, he walked away and said, ‘f***ng b**ch because that’s what she was being… So  so she decided to write him up for like for that, come back to him, ask him if he wanted a hearing…and then proceeded to go and write him up for sanctions.

He had several charges instead of it being one incident … so it would have been one disciplinary action. Then they decided to turn his phone privileges off before even having a hearing, which the sergeant on duty said not to do. His rights were violated their sanction sanctioned before even having a hearing in front of the magistrate in the jail. They finally decided to have this hearing last night at 11:59pm. after administering Trazodone to him so that he can sleep.

So, they held a hearing found him guilty after giving him a controlled substance. And his abilities to defend himself were incapacitated. They’re still feeding him soy and still have not given him the soy allergy test that costs $8.

They have sanctioned him for five days. He will not be allowed to use the telephone and they’ve also made it so he’s not allowed to use the microwave for those five days. So he is basically going to starve for the next five days because all they will give him his soy trays which he cannot eat. And now they’re not allowing him to use the microwave.

Democrat lawmakers in tandem with the corporate press characterize the Proud Boys as a group of white supremacist insurrectionists. In reality, the Proud Boys typically attended Antifa and Black Lives Matter rallies to defend and protect innocent bystanders American-flag-clad patriots from violent attacks leveled by radical leftwing Antifa terrorists who looted small businesses and set cities on fire following the summer following George Floyd’s murder and persistently targeted Trump supporters.

Lisa explained the truth about Dominic amid constant smears about her husband propagated by the mainstream media and partisan J6 Select Committee:

The truth about Dominic …Dominic  is …he is a hard-working man, he owned his own small business, he went to work every day to care of his family. The notion that [Proud Boys] are against women’s rights. If that was the case, then why did he push me to pursue my dreams of college and graduate school and supported me financially through all of those times? He pushes our daughters to pursue their dreams and college and have careers and explore the world on their own. What type of ‘sexist’ man would promote those things to the women in his life?

Dominic was barely involved with the Proud Boys. He had been a member for 30 days if that…

Everything that they have said and done. It’s just completely asinine to me, and just completely untrue. This is a man who would teach recovering addicts to a trade put them to work pay them a fair wage…this is not some insurrectionists racist, woman hating group, let alone man. It’s it’s all BS.


Pezolla’s wife, a social worker, warns she has been witness to many jury selections but, like the defense attorneys, has never seen such a tainted jury pool in her life:

I have a background actually in the criminal court system. I’ve seen a lot of trials, I had been present for many jury selections. And the people that this judge are is allowing to potentially be seated on this jury is absolutely appalling.

They are openly and blatantly expressing their biases and beliefs, calling these men ‘racists’ and ‘white supremacists’ and ‘woman haters.”’

Several people have already said that this group is ‘guilty until proven innocent.’ And this judge is allowing them to sit as potential jurors causing making it so the defense is going to have to use up all of their stripes relatively quickly.

They’re going to end up with a completely biased jury. There’s no way around. 

See the documentation of Dominic’s repeated request for non-soy food and medical attention below:




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