“Nothing Good Comes from Having Mitch McConnell’s Mini-Me, Lindsey Graham, the Snake, Around You at All” – Steve Bannon Warns Trump on Lindsey “The Cancer” (VIDEO)

Steve Bannon fired a warning shot at President Trump on Monday’s The War Room following news that Trump will be launching his presidential campaign staff in South Carolina and Lindsey Graham.

Bannon warned that “NOTHING GOOD” will come with an alliance with Senator Lindsey Graham.

Steve Bannon: “I have no earthly idea why [Graham’s] around [former] President Trump,” Bannon said. “He’s a cancer. He is a cancer, that’s metastasizing. President Trump’s gotta be warned. There’s nothing good that comes from having [Senate Minority Leader] Mitch McConnell’s mini-me, the snake, Lindsey Graham around you at all.”

Of course, Steve Bannon is correct.

Here are a few reminders to The Gateway Pundit audience on Lindsey Graham’ record.

Lindsey threatened to use the 25th Amendment to get rid of President Trump.

Liar Lindsey Graham Threatened to Use 25th Amendment to Get Rid of Trump on Jan. 6 — HAS NEVER ONCE Threatened to Use 25th to Remove Potato Brain Biden Who is Destroying the Country by the Day

Lindsey Graham wants Trump supporters jailed for years after sitting before kangaroo courts.

Never Trust These Dirtbags: Lindsey Graham, GOP Senators Slam Trump – Say “Pardons for Jan. 6 Protesters Is Bad Idea” — SAY NOTHING ABOUT PROTESTERS IN PRISON FOR OVER A YEAR WITHOUT TRIAL

Lindsey and jobs for foreigners over Americans.

Senator Lindsey Graham Rips President Trump Again for Visa Ban – Claims It Has a Negative Impact on the Economy

Graham urged PresidentTrump to sit with Bob Woodward – a huge mistake.

Of Course… Lindsey Graham Convinced President Trump to Sit with Bob Woodward for His New Anti-Trump Book

Trump supporters hate snakes.

“You Traitor! Piece of Sh*t!” – Breaking: ANGRY MOB of TRUMP SUPPORTERS Mobs Traitor Lindsey Graham at DC Airport (VIDEO)

Peter Navarro agrees.

“There’s Not a Single Piece of Advice that Lindsey Graham Has Ever Given the President, President Trump, That I’ve Ever Agreed With – He’s Just Poison” – Peter Navarro

Lindsey wants innocent Trump supporters thrown in jail.

“I Hope They Go to Jail and Get the Book Thrown at Them Because They Deserve It” – Lindsey Graham and Susan Collins Buck Trump, Vow to Persecute Jan-6ers

That’s just a few of Lindsey Graham’s horrible acts against Americans and President Trump.
And we didn’t even start on his push for nuclear war with Russia.

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