Nebraska Democratic State Senator Proposes Amendment To Bar Kids From Attending Church Events

Legendary poet Maya Angelou is famous for her quote “when someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” A far-left Nebraska state senator decided to declare war on religious families despite her protestations afterwards that she was merely trolling.

State Senator Megan Hunt was so triggered over a Republican-backed bill that would bar young children from attending grotesque drag queen shows and penalize the adults taking them that she filed a blatantly unconstitutional amendment last Friday to go after individuals taking their kids to church events like vacation Bible study.

Courtesy of the Blaze, here are the full details of Hunt’s blasphemous proposal:

Hunt’s amendment calls for blocking youth from “religious indoctrination camp,” which the proposal defines as “a camp, vacation Bible study, retreat, lock-in, or convention held by a church, youth group, or religious organization for the purpose of indoctrinating children with a specific set of religious beliefs.”

“The Legislature finds that there is a well-documented history of indoctrination and sexual abuse perpetrated by religious leaders and clergy people upon children. Abusers within churches and other religious institutions often use events like church or youth-group-sponsored camps and retreats to earn children’s trust and gain unsupervised access to such children in order to commit such abuse,” a portion of Hunt’s amendment reads.

“No individual under nineteen years of age shall be present at a religious indoctrination camp. Any person nineteen years of age or older who knowingly brings an individual under nineteen years of age to a religious indoctrination camp shall be guilty of a Class I misdemeanor,” Hunt’s amendment states. “No individual under twenty-one years of age shall be present at a religious indoctrination camp if alcoholic liquor is being served at such location, regardless if such alcoholic liquor is being served as part of a religious ceremony.”

Hunt tried to claim afterwards in response to a critic on Twitter that she was merely trying to “make a point” about the Republican bill to protect children. Hunt then fancifully claimed she would withdraw such legislation if it had shot at passing.

Whether or not Hunt is actually serious about her amendment lacks relevance. The fact she has the audacity to equate parents wanting children to serve Jesus Christ to ones who take their kids to events where grown adults expose themselves is a quintessential example of the radical left’s moral turpitude and loathing of faithful Americans.

This is also not the first time Hunt has taken a blowtorch to America’s constitutional liberties. The leftist lawmaker claimed last March that gun ownership was not a God-given right while at the same time denigrating our Founding Fathers.

Here is her tweet from back then:

Hunt’s protestations in response to her amendment should fall on deaf ears. She and her fellow-travelers have continuously demonstrated they view Americans with traditional values as their primary adversaries.


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