MUST READ: Former U.S. Capitol Police Lieutenant Reveals Critical Failures In The Jan.6 Evacuation Response That Might Have Contributed to Ashli Babbitt’s Murder

When Republicans begin their investigation into the events surrounding January 6th, hopefully they will start with former United States Capitol Police (USCP) Lt. Tarik K. Johnson. He disclosed shocking details with The Epoch Times about the evacuation failures that day which likely played a role in Ashli Babbitt’s untimely death.

The Epoch Times interviewed Johnson over a period of days and released details of those interviews in their article Tuesday. Johnson had served with USCP for 22 years at the time of the January 6th riot.

Johnson makes clear the primary culprit for the evacuation failures lies with former USCP Assistant Chief Yogananda Pittman. On that fateful day, Pittman failed to respond to multiple urgent calls from Johnson to help.

When the call never came, Johnson proceeded with the evacuation anyway, almost certainly saving several lives in the process. Tragically, Ashli Babbitt still lost hers.

Here is the story from The Epoch Times:

“A top U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) commander—recently retired Assistant Chief Yogananda Pittman—failed to respond to repeated urgent radio calls to evacuate the U.S. Congress on Jan. 6, 2021, causing the loss of precious time that might have prevented the shooting death of protester Ashli Babbitt, a former USCP commander said.”

“The delay caused by the radio silence from the Capitol Police Command Center was so urgent that the 22-year veteran lieutenant located near the U.S. Senate chamber forged ahead with the evacuation anyway. He said he feared lawmakers would be injured or killed if he didn’t lead them to safety before the chamber doors were breached by protesters.”

“In a series of exclusive interviews with The Epoch Times, former USCP Lt. Tarik K. Johnson, 47, detailed allegations that Pittman failed to respond to multiple urgent calls for help.”

“I begged for help all day on Jan. 6, 2021, and I feel I was largely ignored,” Johnson told The Epoch Times. “I beg again on Jan. 6, 2023—exactly two years later—for the proper investigative entities to uncover what really occurred on J6, and I pray that the country hears my cry.”

“Johnson said the crucial delay in the evacuations should never have happened.”

There was no response from anybody at the Command Center,” Johnson said. “I say even before I initiated evacuation, I say specifically, ‘We’ve got to start thinking about getting the people out before we don’t have a chance to.’

“I heard no response. Then I asked for permission to evacuate. I heard no response.”

“As debates rage on about all that took place at the Capitol 2 years ago, Johnson said he decided to speak out about the failures he witnessed out of a sense of justice.”

“I hope for justice for all the people that died that day and after as a result of J6,” he said.

Johnson is a true American hero who has this invaluable information for the public that has been completely ignored by the legacy media. In a perfect world, he would have received a Presidential Citizens Medal from the Biden Regime but we all know the Regime prefers to award only their political allies.

Johnson along with real journalists like Tayler Hansen are critical pieces to delivering justice for the January 6th protesters jailed by the Biden Regime. They are also key to providing real answers for Ashli Babbitt’s family.



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