There Is a Major Effort in Place to Remove “Phantoms” with Technology and “Gentle” Persuasion and Ultimately Clean Up Voter Rolls

Removing Phantoms With Technology And “Gentle” Persuasion

Guest post by Jay Valentine

If incoming email is any judge, there are large swaths of our citizen friends who want to get involved and – “just do something!”

Two years ago, most Americans thought “phantom voters” were comic book characters.  Nobody had ever seen one.

This week we reached our 5,000th volunteer request (in 60 days) to help clean voter rolls – and we never asked for a single volunteer.  We are just technology guys.

Americans are fed up; they get it that their elected officials are not going to clean voter rolls.  Perhaps some people did not dig the Big Steal for the Trump election – but after Kari Lake, the senate in Nevada and dozens of local races, they are on fire now.

We track comments on the site.

The single most repeated phrase is “…what can I do to help?”  The second most repeated is “…can you run our voter rolls in Fractal?”  The third most common phrase, often with colorful adjectives is “…why don’t you tell us what we can do?”

The messaging has some alarming similarities.

The most surprising, by far, comes from Alex, whose comment represents hundreds of others:  “….in our local school board election, we saw people voting who don’t live here.  We had overwhelming support and a nobody got elected!”

Another comment indicative of thousands of others “…The Supervisor claims to be cleaning the rolls regularly but this is impossible given what I have found. She said she removed one of the names but would not tell me which one.”

This was a note from a New Hampshire voter.

Before November 4, 2020, almost nobody in America looked at voter rolls – at least not anyone normal.  Now, voter rolls in every state are being evaluated, line by line, by tens of thousands of concerned citizens.

Some use Fractal technology from us.

Many use desktop computers and lead pencils.

Everyone is finding phantom voters – people who are registered at that address but who do not live there.  They may never have lived there.  They may have moved years ago.  They may be dead or confined.

The big phantom voter story of early 2023 is phantoms are almost impossible to take off the rolls.  There is eternal life for anyone on an election roll if they are of use to the leftist cause.

People, the strategy must change and change fast.  Identifying phantoms is no longer the objective. 

Getting them off the rolls is the singular objective.  How does one do that?

The voter integrity movement is breaking in three directions.

One group has expensive offices in Washington D.C. raises dough, writes reports, does seminars and initiates occasional lawsuits.  They have big names on their boards and if their activity were effective, Donald Trump would be President today.  They slept through November 4, 2020!

Another wave are the hundreds of voter integrity teams spanning every state who use ancient technology, find people who moved in the NCOA data (National Change of Address DB), attend weekly or monthly Zoom calls to listen to each other’s horror stories.

Such low-tech efforts create casualties.

We did an expert witness report, for a 2022 governor race – last month – and we can say with precision and certainty – that if that state’s voter integrity team had monitored the voter rolls in a single county, constantly, the 90 days before the election – costing less than Ronna McDaniel spent on flowers in 1 year – a Republican woman would be governor today.

Neither group is cleaning voter rolls.

Neither group is persuasive.

Neither group is attracting the droves of newly interested citizens who want to “do something!”

Neither group is helping thwart the leftist treasure trove of phantom voters who cast phantom ballots, electing people who do not campaign.

Voter roll cleanup is almost impossible because the good guys who might want to do it cannot – they are afraid they will be smacked with “voter suppression.”  They know even dead voters have rights with leftists and those voters will not willingly be taken off the rolls.

The leftists are all in with fat, obscenely fraudulent voter rolls.  They will fight to the death to make sure phantoms remain in case Trump surprises them again.

The leftist billionaire class funds all this.

Alas, the Republican big money is nowhere to be found supporting the valiant state voter teams fighting incredible odds.  The Republican Party is useless while the Democrat Party apparatus is organized down to the street level.

A third strategy is emerging – from the thousands of volunteers regularly signing up on  That group believes in persuasion through technology.

The ancient Greeks taught that rhetoric, the art of persuasion was one of the highest arts.  We agree.

So how does one persuade county clerks to clean voter rolls when they either do not want to do it, are afraid to do it, or do not know there is a problem?

Some of the Omega4America volunteers are seeing success applying technology to gentle persuasion.  When that is not quite enough, they are using technology to make recalcitrant clerks or judges look really stupid.  And when that is not enough, they are using the county’s own data to tie itself up in knots.  Let’s go there.

Every county has a voter roll.  Every county has a property tax roll.  Every physical address appears on both.

Using Fractal technology, we inventory every address in the county.  If it is a business, we know the type of business, the square footage, the utilities, everything.  Using artificial intelligence developed for telco companies, Fractal “personalizes” each address.

Can it have a registered voter there?  If it is a grocery store, maybe.  If it is a school, probably not.

It’s persuasion time.

Our team member sits with the county clerk.  Here are gentle questions:

“Why does Bill Jones vote when his residence in your county property tax record is a bank?”

“How is it you have 26 people voting from this address?  Your property tax records show one bath and 600 square feet?  We are going to challenge the certificate of occupancy!”

These questions are gently persuasive.  Perhaps not quite enough.  How about this?

“Hey, we are monitoring your county voter rolls.  We have them from 15 different days in the last 2 months.  Why did you change the zip codes of 33,000 people who did not move?  Why did that change happen the week mail-in ballots were sent?  Why did you change zip codes back?”

People, we are in felony land here, pretty persuasive.

Here’s another one:  “Why did you add 22,000 voters after October 11?  Is it the legal cut-off date for changing voter rolls?”

Orange jump suits dance in the mind of county clerks.

What’s different?

We have better data tools than they do.

We see every transaction, every change, every nuance in the data.  They, the county clerks, have junk SQL, Excel technology – and they know they are screwed through citizen visibility.

There is a third way voter integrity teams are moving – challenging with technology leading to persuasion.

We are collecting these intrepid souls at  We will shortly have a newsletter, followed by a map of the U.S. where volunteers can sign up with voter integrity teams.

We are doing the major fundraising to make the Fractal system available to any state that wants to use it.  Pennsylvania and Georgia are next.

We, like the Greeks, believe in gentle persuasion. 

If that is not enough, well, orange is a very nice color.

Jay Valentine led the team that built the eBay fraud detection engine and the underlying technology for the TSA No-Fly list.  The website is and Jay’s Twitter account is @jayvalentine99

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