Lula and China Will Build a Marxist Super-State in South America Unless Lula Is Forced to Comply with Election Laws

Mathew Tyrmand was on the War Room with Steve Bannon yesterday and he discussed the ramifications of Lula stealing the election in Brazil.

First, Bannon and Tyrmand discussed what Lula’s gang is supposed to do and why it won’t do it:

Let’s not be naive.  They cannot hand over the machines, the code, and the tabulation data because the second they do, they’re a reason why they didn’t comply with any of the audits or any of the petitions of the court, if they do, you know the old joke about that kid’s game, their battleship is sunk.

To stop protests demanding that Lula complies with the law, the corrupt courts are clamping down and arresting anyone who protests and dares say that the election was stolen.  Those arrested are being tortured by the Lula government using Stalin-like approaches.

Bannon then discussed:

Latin America as a communist super-state backed by the communist Chinese Party directly aimed at the United States.  This is what the Monroe Doctrine is all about.  Our founders, our framers warned us, “Don’t go searching for monsters to slay in Ukraine, watch what they do in the Southern Hemisphere.”

Tyrmand responded:

You’re 100% right China’s playing the long game and they’re smart as well as their allies who are starkly adversarial to us.  Our leadership are the dummies…

China under Lula will have control of the entire wealth and power and geopolitical strategic positioning of South Ameria.  They’re in motion on it…They’re talking about a one wide currency of South America.  It makes no sense economically but it does make sense geo-politically if you are trying to consolidate power…

South America will become a Socialist super-state because there will never be free and fair elections again there if they allow Lula to steal this election.

Watch the entire interview below:

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