VIDEO: Detroit Man Severely Beaten By Family Members After Allegedly RAPING HIS OWN DAUGHTER

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As radical Democrats continue to turn our cities into hellholes with their pro-criminal policies, ordinary citizens will resort to street justice. Earlier this week, some Detroit residents took matters into their own hands after one of their relatives allegedly raped his own 14-year-old daughter.

The website 7 Mile Radio News reported the incident took place on January 3 on Prest Street near Pembroke and Greenfield. Here are the details of what occurred:

“Sources say the man named (name redacted) texted his 14 year old daughter and asked her to go to bed and get some rest. He then went in her bedroom and raped her. After he was done, he text her phone and asked her was she okay.”

When the family found out what occurred they “chased him down the street in nothing but underwear” and “stomped his lip off left him on the sidewalk crouching on his knees with his left eye hanging out of his head.”

7 Mile radio news acquired footage of the relatives berating the individual for the suspected rape until the police and paramedics arrived on the scene.  The website sent the footage to Fox 2 News in Detroit afterwards.

Here is the video from Fox 2 News (skip to the :38, 1:10, and 1:37 marks to see footage from the beating aftermath):

7 Mile Radio News further noted rumors exist that the man’s daughter is not his only assumed victim. There are reports that he sexually assaulted his 13-year-old niece as well.

Fox 2 News Detroit spoke to neighbors who witnessed the brutal beating. One neighbor, Carmen Witherspoon told the network she opened her front door to see the man surrounded by his livid relatives.  She reported “they beat him over real good” and was devastated that someone could possibly rape his own daughter.

“He was on the ground. He managed to get up and he ran across the street, and he was on my property. He fell, he slipped, and fell. And that’s when they beat him some more,” said Witherspoon. “It broke me down that a man would do that.”

Another witness said the accused rapist “was bloody, nothing but blood, there was a puddle on the ground.”

Detroit Police Captain Rebecca Hall said the alleged sexual assault is having a “tragic” impact on the teenage girl and her family. They all face a long road to recovery.

“Absolutely tragic. It really is,” said Hall. “It is in affecting a young life, a family, and it’s going to definitely take time to heal.”

The animal credibly accused of this heinous crime had no business being out on the street in the first place. Fox 2 News Detroit notes there is warrant out for his arrest over a shooting on the east side of the city.

America would be a safer place with more people like the family members who stood up for this child and gave this coward what he deserved.  Criminals would actually live in fear from coast to coast instead of committing crimes without consequences.




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