Loud Explosion Heard and Felt Across DC Sunday Night Blamed on Large Firework at Ice Skating Rink

A loud explosion in the Navy Yard neighborhood in Southeast Washington, D.C. Sunday night that rattled windows, set off car alarms and was heard and felt nearly two miles away was reportedly blamed by responding firemen on a large illegal firework device.

Screen image via Twitter/Suzanne Youngblood Lane.

Photos taken at the scene show a modest sized crater at the Canal Park ice skating rink with a nearby glass barrier blown out. No injuries were reported, but nerves were shaken throughout much of the area.

The first eyewitness report was of car alarms going off and people running away after an explosion was heard, “Explosion in navy yard?…Car alarms going off. Saw a few people running away from canal park towards New Jersey Ave”

Video taken moments after the explosion shows smoke rising and car alarms sounding.

Photos from the scene show damage seemingly incongruous with the loudness of the explosion.

A big firecracker according to firemen:

D.C. Fire and EMS reported, “Box Alarm 3rd & L St SE for explosion heard and possible structure fire. Units on scene at skating rink where there is a haze and broken glass. No sign of fire. Investigating further.”

The explosion was loud enough to be heard and felt across DC.

“Explosion in Navy Yard area. Unclear cause. My house is almost 2 miles from there and I heard this loud and clear — even felt some shockwave. Must have been terrifying at the scene.”

“That loud explosion heard and felt for many blocks in and beyond the Navy Yard neighborhood was something that left a hole in the ice and broken glass at the Canal Park ice rink. Police just taped off the area.”

Good question. “At what point does a firecracker become a bomb?”

Maybe the FBI was doing some field training for the next J6 pipe bomb event?

UPDATE: D.C. police statement: “Alert: MPD responded to a report of a loud explosion in the park in the 200 blk of M St SE. Officers have determined a large firework was thrown onto the ice rink and subsequently went off. No injuries have been reported. (1/2)…The firework damaged the ice and shattered a pane of safety glass on the edge of the rink. Officers are investigating the incident. Anyone with information or potential video of the incident is asked to call 202-727-9099 or text 50411. (2/2)”

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