Liberal Radio Show Suggests Joe Biden Get Tested for Dementia

Joe Biden’s mental capacity is so concerning, even liberal radio shows are questioning whether or not he is fit for office.

Hosts of “The Breakfast Club” radio show, Charlamagne tha God and co-host DJ Envy, discussed Biden’s mental health on Friday, sharing a laundry list of why the addled commander-in-chief should be a one-term president and should be tested for dementia.

The New York Post reports:

“Don’t y’all think it’s ambitious of Biden to be announcing his future plans?” Charlamagne asked the two liberal guests on the show, former MSNBC host Tiffany Cross and former CNN commentator Angela Rye.

It was reported earlier this month that an announcement from Biden of a second White House run seemed imminent.

DJ Envy, whose real name is Raashaun Casey, immediately agreed and suggested that Biden should be tested for “dementia” before any re-election bid announcement, which sent his co-host into a fit of giggles.

Both Cross and Rye appeared taken aback and rejected the duo’s implications that Biden isn’t fit for office.

“Have you seen something that suggests that he has dementia?” Cross asked.

“I saw him talking to a ghost!” Charlamagne quips.

“He spoke to a ghost! He spoke to a person that wasn’t there,” DJ Envy agreed.

“This is silly. This is silly. This is silly,” Rye said.

The Post continues:

DJ Envy listed off several other reasons he believes the president is suffering from dementia, including frequently appearing confused and reading cue cards as part of his speeches.

“To me, it looks like he has early signs of dementia,” DJ Envy said.

Cross and Rye tried to shut down the conversation by explaining that Biden’s gaffes are normal for a busy, high-ranking official.


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