Lead Defense Attorney for J6 Defendant Joe Biggs ‘Defends’ Killing of Ashli Babbitt: ‘It Was A Great Shot. I’m Glad She Died’… ‘White Trashes Kind Of Pieces Of Sh*t’


Joe Biggs, an Army Staff Sergeant and former Infowars reporter who received two Purple Hearts during several tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, has been detained in solitary confinement for nearly 12 months.

The decorated veteran is prohibited from the general population of the jail and restricted to a 14 by 5-foot cell with no windows.

Biggs faces seditious conspiracy charges and a 20-year prison sentence as the government alleges he was “a ringleader” during the Capitol siege, conspired the January 6 riot that Democrat lawmakers and mainstream media incessantly compare to the terror attacks of 9/11 and is a domestic terrorist and threat to national security.

Dan Hull is the lead criminal defense attorney representing the Proud Boys leader and military veteran Joe Biggs in the seditious conspiracy trial taking place right now in Washington DC.

Hull believes slain Air Force veteran Ashli Babbit, who was murdered in cold blood by a Capitol Hill  Police officer on January 6, 2020, deserved to die.

“When I saw the picture” of Babbitt, “I thought it was a great shot,” Hull told The Gateway Pundit.

“I’m serious. I’m glad she died,” he said. “I think she’s a dumbass. Did you see the — some of what she did?”


“Uhh, banging on the door?” this reporter replied.

“Nah. She’s like a common criminal. Maybe you don’t want to do the interview now,” Bigg’s attorney continued. “But most of the people who are there, not knowing what they’re doing, and making it up, about — in their head, they’re just really stupid people who shouldn’t have been there.

“It’s nice to see them politically active in their life. But this is some of the dumbest people on the face of the planet and they made the right look really bad, really bad — my right.”


Hull explained why he is “glad” that Ashli Babbitt died and railed against Americans for protesting the fraud-ridden 2020 presidential election at the Capitol during a June 14 interview with TGP.

This reporter did not immediately publish Hull’s incendiary remarks to avoid interfering with Biggs’s case, due process and right to a speedy trial.


Defense attorney Dan Hull also told TGP that trespassing on the Capitol Hill grounds on January 6, 2020, also permits law enforcement officials to “take a life.”

HULL: It doesn’t matter. Trump had an opportunity to be classy, like Richard Nixon was classy, like elbows classy. They both get cheated. Okay. You hand it back over. I mean, Trump lost me there. I just don’t have any respect for a person who won’t — you always concede it’s what Americans are about. And you always do your research about what building you’re going to protest at. I mean, these are really stupid people went up the hill, the smarter ones didn’t just a few people that I’ve represented or know something about that.

You would have not, you would not have seen Tarrio go up the hill. He wouldn’t even have brought them down there.

TGP: But he’s still in jail?

HULL: He’s in jail for being a plotter and organizer of the whole thing, from his house. I mean, I just believe that your sort of notion of this, I mean —

I can’t stand any more whitewash bullshit about my case. Have you read any of the extremes in Joe’s case. I sent you some things. It says that he’s a leader. He’s in a special group and it’s an intelligent decision.   

It’s like if anybody can make this happen again — well, if anybody did make this happen, the way that it’s outlined by DOJ, assuming it’s true, it may not be, these are the guys you want in jail even though they’re not violent.

Everybody else, No. They’re just these white trashes kind of pieces of shit. They are. And there’s there’s some nice people. And there’s all these people have this team sport thing of they versus them. They’ll have to didn’t have to do anything. The government didn’t have to do anything. These people made — put themselves in a situation where most of them were very lucky not to have been shot.

TGP: I mean, Ashley Babbitt wha…

HULL: What was she doing — What was she doing in that hallway? That I know? Stepping up on? What was she doing? What did she think it was her building?

I mean, Ashley Babbitt is somehow — um, no. Ashi Babbit was was smart enough to know what could have happened if you went in there. I mean, you don’t, you don’t get the defensive to be too stupid to understand what you’re doing. And, you know, you’re getting to know what the live who didn’t know what the risk. The truth is, the most infantile houseplants for the most part one of the hill.

TGP:  Trespassing… take a life?

HULL: You don’t you generally don’t take a life for people trespasssing, but,  when you tresspass on the Capitol Hill grounds, on the one day of the year that you can’t, and somebody’s in the building, you can take a life.

As TGP has reported, Lt. Michael Byrd, the Capitol Hill Police officer who murdered Babbitt, was exonerated of criminal charges and provided special housing after killing the 36-year-old Air Force veteran.

Judge Timothy J. Kelly, the Trump-appointed magistrate presiding over the Proud Boys leadership trial, threatened to hold Hull in contempt on Wednesday.

Prosecutors contend Hull should be removed from the Proud Boys trial for conflict of interests. Hull previously represented Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio and other J6 defendants when they were subpoenaed by the January 6 House Select Committee.

As the lead prosecutor, Assistant U.S. Attorney Jason McCullough, argued Hull’s conflict of interests prevent him from adequately representing Joseph Biggs, Hull repeatedly interrupted McCullough.

The court stenographer requested Hull stop interjecting and interrupting as others members of attorneys on the prosecution and defense teams presented arguments about whether he should be removed, but Hull continued to appeal his removal.

Hull then interrupted Judge Kelly, prompting Kelly to threaten Hull with contempt for the disturbances.

Norm Pattis, the other attorney representing Biggs, also informed Judge Kelly during court on Wednesday that he will no longer request permission to proceed to represent Biggs if Hull remains on the case.


Pattis, who represented Infowars founder Alex Jones in the Sandy Hook trial in Connecticut, received notice last Thursday that he was suspended of his law license in Connecticut.

“Farewell,” Pattis noted as he informed Judge Kelly of an inability to reconcile working with Hull.

Judge Kelly then postponed opening statements, which were slated to begin Wednesday, until noon on Thursday, providing the defense team and government more time to resolve whether Hull should be permitted to continue representing Joe Biggs.

Jury selection for the Proud Boys leadership trial finally concluded on Tuesday after three weeks of vetting potential jurors.

Defense attorneys warned during jury selection that Joe Biden garnered 92 percent of the vote in Washington DC, the jury pool in the nation’s Capitol is tainted and requested Judge Kelly move the trial to a different state. Judge Kelly denied the requests.

An overwhelming majority of the jurors revealed in a survey and when interviewed by Judge Kelly that they are strong supporters of the fascistic domestic terrorist group, Antifa and previously attended the Women’s March and Black Lives Matter rallies.

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