Larry Johnson Talks with Emerald Robinson on Biden’s Classified Document Leaks and Growing US Regret About Ukraine War (Video)

America’s infatuation with Ukraine and Zelensky (the Cocaine Comedian) is starting to wane, but most politicians and the public continue to believe the lie that Ukraine is an innocent country being bludgeoned by a communist Russia ruled by a dictator. Oh yeah. Don’t forget. Russia is suffering massive military and economic losses and just can’t live without U.S. investment and Europe’s technology. It is all nonsense, but if you are living in the United States and try to have a reasoned discussion with the fanboys and girls cheering for Ukraine, you would find more success talking to a brick wall.

But cracks are starting to show. One of my brilliant readers sent me the link to Michael Brendan Dougherty‘s latest in the National Review (a conservative icon in the magazine world), What Have We Bargained for in Ukraine? I encourage you to read the entire piece. More importantly, read the comments. That will give you some insight into the insanity that still reigns with regards to sending billions of dollars in money and materiel to Ukraine.

Here are the salient portions of the piece:

My friend and colleague Matthew Continetti writes that “securing America’s position and freedom’s future without direct intervention and for a rounding error in the federal budget is a strategic bargain. Ukraine needs more, not less, U.S. aid, and it needs it now.” In Commentary in November, Noah Rothman wrote that “Kyiv’s victories are our victories, too, insofar as they advance a core American national interest: preserving the stable European covenant that has blessed Western powers with the longest, most durable peace on the Continent in the modern age.”

This view holds that for pennies on the dollar, the U.S. has been able to preserve a democracy threatened by an authoritarian regime, cripple a rival military, strengthen the NATO alliance, prevent Vladimir Putin from an inevitable invasion of NATO territory, and scare off Xi Jinping from ever messing with Taiwan. . . .

Except, none of this is quite true. Crippling a rival military is only worthwhile when you have a strategic reason for doing so, and we conspicuously lack one. The NATO alliance’s duties have been radically expanded with no radical expansion in the share of the alliance’s burdens shouldered by Europe. Ukraine’s ultra-nationalist project is at odds with the democratic and liberal-internationalist values that are used to sell the conflict abroad. The conflict’s financial and moral costs to the U.S. have been growing for nearly a decade, and taking on Ukraine as a permanent dependent will grow them even more. The arc of the conflict is just as likely to encourage as to discourage Xi in his pursuit of Taiwan, given the ways in which our enmeshment in Europe will deplete our attention, resources, and will to be the world’s cop. And finally, no conflict in this blood-stained area of the globe is a mom-and-pop bingo game in which you can cash out your modest investments at any time; Vladimir Putin and Russia have a say in how this ends.

There you have it. A prominent conservative writer who was a strong supporter of Ukraine (and still insists that Putin is some sort of Darth Vader who enjoys borscht) is conceding that America’s strategy is based on a lie.

Over at Neo-Con central — i.e., the Institute for the Study of War — the stenographers masquerading as analysts grudgingly concede that Russia captured Soledar, but then proceed to focus on their own fantastical speculation that there is political strife in Russia surrounding the Wagner Group’s success in the battle for Soledar. They write nothing about the strategic significance of the fall of Soledar, nothing about the growing Russian pressure on Bakhmut to the south of Soledar and nothing about Ukraine’s catastrophic casualties. It is genuinely bizarre.

Speaking of bizarre (and shifting gears), the Feds have found more classified documents that Joe Biden squirreled away for six years and counting. We are asked to believe that Biden’s attorneys, for no good reason, just decided to start searching through a closet at the Biden Penn Center –the Chinese funded center — and found some Top Secret docs. If I am Joe Biden and you are my attorney your job is to destroy those documents. There is no audit trail. But that is not what they did. They told the National Archives personnel. Those folks alerted the Department of Justice. This was in early November.

And in the ensuing weeks following that initial discovery, they find more; including a new batch this week. What the hell is going on? The decision to pack up those documents when Biden left office was not an accident due to carelessness. Biden’s staffers, starting with his Chief of Staff Ron Klain, not only handled those documents but knew why the classified material was being removed illegally from the White House. Those staffers will be in the trick box in the coming weeks. Get your popcorn. It will be quite a show.

I did an interview Friday morning with Emerald Robinson. We discussed this (p.s., I was on Skype and it worked fine).