Joe Biden Begins Shouting For No Reason in Kentucky, “Think About Why the Recession Got So Bad Two Years Ago” (VIDEO)

So the US is in a recession now?

Joe Biden on Wednesday traveled to Kentucky to celebrate his infrastructure bill with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

McConnell was all smiles standing next to Joe Biden.


Joe Biden admitted the US is in a recession on Wednesday.

He began shouting for no reason.

“Think about why the recession got so bad two years ago. Cars got so expensive. We didn’t have semiconductors,” Biden said.

“We invented them! And then we went to sleep!” Biden shouted.


Then he dropped this gem…

“I’ll paraphrase the phrase of my old neighborhood: The rest of the countries, the world is not a patch in our jeans, if we do what we wanna do, we need to do,” Biden said.