Jan. 6 Political Prisoner Pens ‘A Letter to President Trump’ Urging Him to Raise Awareness on the Many Groups Assisting the Jan. 6 Political Prisoners and Their Families

Treniss Jewell Evans III is a January 6 political prisoner.

Treniss was arrested in March 2021. He was charged with “obstruction of an official proceeding” and disorderly conduct after he stood on the Capitol steps with a megaphone and said, “I don’t support looting, I don’t support the violence, I support a peaceful protest to put them on notice that we the people demand justice.”

When Treniss entered the building, he acted in accordance with these words. There is no evidence he engaged in violent activity.

Treniss Evans was sentenced in November 2022 to three years of probation for his “crimes.”

Treniss recently wrote a Letter to President Trump urging him to raise awareness to the several groups that are assisting the Jan 6 political prisoners.

We are republishing that letter today at The Gateway Pundit.


President Trump,

We the People appreciate and respect your heartfelt sentiments, support, and speeches regarding January 6th defendants. Sadly, you were not the first political figure nor the loudest to stand for the men and women who were and remain Constitutional defenders and your faithful supporters.

Blinded by their pain, many failed to understand the political arena and why you said so little for so long in your quiet, behind-the-scenes preparation. Like a beacon, your voice arrived and ushered in great hope to those who were terrorized for political capital by this corrupt Biden administration.

We felt the warmth of your invitation to our nation’s capital while the duty of attendance was born of being an American. I speak for the masses to tell you that I was not there participating in J6 as a duty to you, President Trump, or any political figure.

Most have publicly taken individual responsibility for their actions as nearly all who were there on that cold winter’s day have done. American citizens were viciously and unsuspectingly attacked while sustaining civil rights abuses through a sickening event perpetrated against demonstrators.

We find it shameful that some have been coerced, bribed, or threatened to blame you for their conduct on January 6th. We assembled to stand in protest of corrupt elections, supporting the courageous Senators and House Representatives who vowed to address our sacred and stolen 2020 elections.

Politicians who steadfastly proclaimed vigorous debate abandoned their promises to the American people, showing their spineless colors. The historic gathering of this nation’s people attending were each a representative of thousands more who were not present but watched from home hopeful for resolutions and justice. The prayers and voices of the people across this land echoed in service of their nation, a testament to their children and future generations.

Representative of American unity and greatness in the face of adversity, numerous people have stepped forward forming organizations serving those brave men and women. These organizations mitigate the suffering of defendants’ children and families, triage legal cases, provide investigative support to legal teams, volunteer for research, build documentary films, conduct interviews, serve as the voice of the voiceless, speak on stages, write articles, run mail campaigns for prisoners, keep commissary and telecom services available to defendants, remember the fallen and much more. They stand for freedom with faith knowing they each may bare the wrath of the jack-booted thuggery of this weaponized Department of “Justice” simply for being involved in the support effort.

Mr. President, to date you and fellow political icons have focused mainly on a single organization that has undoubtedly served meaningfully dozens of defendants. Numerous organizations have collectively served many of those same citizens and the needs of the remaining 957 defendants with a fraction of the funding.

The following organizations-already spread thin — now brace for the impact of the thousands more arrests to come. We humbly request your recognition and support to continue serving the needs of this ever-growing J6 community and the many suffering children, wives, mothers, and family units. Each of the organizations listed here work selflessly with each other and continually support the efforts of the other organizations as it should be in a crisis scenario. January 6th defendants can only benefit from the recognition of political figures in your circle shedding light on these additional vital organizations.

Without much-needed funding, many of these organizations giving rise to the flames of hope for so many may be overwhelmed and find those very flames extinguished.

  • Americans 4 Justice serves as a news outlet and fundraiser operating outside the D.C. Gulag nightly and reporting daily on trials through Randy Ireland and Micki Whitheoff https://www.a4justice.org/
  • American Gulag keeps a detailed record of defendants, their court filings, case results, donation links, arrest maps, trial and sentencing calendars and news articles through honest and fair journalism https://americangulag.org/
  • Citizens Against Political Persecution (C.A.P.P.) — Cara Castronuova & Randy Ireland were one of the first on the scene delivering media attention and commissary and telecom services to those in need. https://capp.tpj6c.com/
  • Condemned USA — Founder Treniss Evans delivered indisputable recent proof of bias challenging change of venue, filed abduction & kidnapping charges against the FBI as the first to challenge Due Process, and is currently involved in 5th Circuit litigation suing The Select Committee. Condemned USA matches J6 defendants to attorneys, triages legal needs, pursues ongoing investigations, speaks publicly, provides ongoing media presence, and contributed to the documentary “Bloody Hill.” https://www.condemnedusa.com/
  • 4Ashli.com — Micki Witthoeft the mother of Ashli Babbitt, still stands at the nightly vigil at the D.C. Jail, working with legislators seeking truth and justice for the January 6th defendants. A testament to Ashli’s memory she stands unabashed seeking justice for J6. https://www.4ashli.com/
  • J6truth — Defendant Jake Lang and his father Ned Lang created an organization from inside the jail drawing attention to prisoners’ abuse and ongoing injustices, wreaking havoc on the DOJ and Bureau of Prisons. The group is known for its podcast, prayer group, and documentary film https://www.j6truth.org/
  • M5News — Gary McBride’s legal investigations are credited with some of the most influential findings of J6. He continues to release extraordinary footage and detailed investigative works. https://m5newsgate.com/
  • Patriot Mail Project — Marie Goodwyn and Paula Calloway provide a portal for letters to prisoners, connecting them to the outside world. This provides encouraging support while boosting morale, reminding these Americans they are not forgotten. https://patriotmailproject.com/
  • Red Tsunami is a collective of defendants’ mothers, wives, and family members serving J6ers through prayer, legal defense fundraising and events. https://redtsunamiusa.org/our-mission/
  • Stop Hate — Founded in 1992 by David Sumrall, the group commissioned six journalists present January 6th. It released the first documentaries on J6, broke the Ray Epps story, is credited with Fedsurrection narrative, and its information was used in countless journalists stories, including the documentary Bloody Hill. Sumrall was the first video investigator with access to the 14,000 hours https://stophate.com/
  • The American Gulag Chronicles — Tim Rivers provides a vessel allowing prisoners to put their letters and interviews in front of the American people- sharing tragic stories of abuse, mistreatment, and civil rights violations. He helps organizations collaborate and serve the mutual interests of J6ers https://j6patriotnews.com/
  • The Prisoners Record — Professor David Clements provides legal support and advice. His organization sent over 200 care packages to prisoners and organizes monthly and nightly family prayer calls. https://t.me/ThePrisonersRecord
  • We Are Good Men — J6 defendant John Mellis and his dedicated girlfriend Kelly provide lists of donation links to give to prisoners, news reports and ongoing accounts of January 6th defendants from inside the jail. https://www.wearegoodmen.com/

Patriotically & Respectfully,

Treniss Evans

[email protected]

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