Illegal Immigrant Activists Pretend To Be Crucified Outside of Texas Courthouse Over Title 42 Ruling

A large number of illegal immigrants coupled with activists marched their way from Sacred Heart Church in Segundo Barrio, Texas all the way to the El Paso County Courthouse.

Many of the illegal immigrants who were interviewed by KXAN Austin claim they are protesting over living in inhumane conditions.

Others told the news outlet they are protesting over the Supreme Court ruling of Title 42.

Two men gathered at the protest went as far as tying themselves to crosses and had the heading Title 42 above their heads.


In December, the Supreme Court blocked the Biden admin’s plans to lift Title 42.

Title 42 was originally made into law during WWII to maintain public health and safety in the country.

It gives the federal government the liberty to prevent the spread of diseases by limiting migration and immigration.

More recently, Trump used title 42 to stop mass immigration into the United States in order to preserve public health.


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