Germany’s Secretary of Defense and Former Minister for Families and Women Resigns – Surprisingly She Performed Poorly

Germany’s Secretary of Defense and former Minister for Families and Women resigns.  Surprisingly she did a poor job. 

This was a shocker.  

The former Minister for Families and Women and former Minister of Justice resigned as Germany’s Minister of Defense.  Could it be she wasn’t the right person for the job?  But she looked so imposing with her pink striped outfit on in front of the camouflage background.

FOX News reported:

German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht announced her resignation on Monday after a series of public blunders, writing in a letter to Chancellor Olaf Scholz that “months of media focus on my person” have prevented her from effectively leading the military.

Lambrecht, 57, had been defense minister since December 2021 when Sholz became chancellor. She previously served as the minister of justice and minister for families and women.

“The valuable work of the soldiers and many people in my department must stand in the foreground,” she wrote in the resignation letter to Scholz, which he accepted.

Reuters reported that this was a blow to the Scholz government.  There’s no mention of what he was thinking when he picked Lambrecht for the job.

German Defence Minister Christine Lambrecht resigned from Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s government on Monday, the culmination of growing doubt about her ability to revive Germany’s armed forces against the backdrop of the Ukraine war.

Her decision dealt a blow to Scholz at a time when Germany is under pressure to approve an increase in international military support for Kyiv, and Germany’s defence capabilities have been called into question after several Puma infantry tanks were put out of service during a recent military drill.

In addition, Lambrecht, the former Minister for Families and Women, made a blunder on New Year’s day when she wished a Happy New Year to all with fireworks going off in the background.

What a disaster.  The real world laughs at whoever thought that she was the right person to oversee Germany’s Defense Department.  

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