The Genesis of the Revelation of Biden’s Classified Document Crimes Is “the Hunter Laptop” – Kash Patel

Kash Patel shared in an op-ed yesterday that the genesis of the revelation of Biden’s classified document crimes is the Hunter Biden laptop. 

In 2022, we first approached the topic of Presidential records when President Trump’s home was raided in an unnecessary, unprecedented, and unlawful action by the corrupt FBI.  We soon found out that the President had the ultimate right to take whatever records he wished upon leaving the White House.  This was well defined in the Presidential Records Act.  He did nothing wrong.

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Then, early this month, the corrupt DOJ announced that they had found classified top-secret files in Biden’s possession that were illegally in his possession for years since he was Vice President.   VP Biden did not have the rights provided to the President when he obtained these documents and therefore they attorney Mike Davis claimed they were stolen.

“Vice President Biden ABSOLUTELY STOLE Government Documents” – Attorney Mike Davis

So why was the revelation of the classified documents in Biden’s possession, some of which were top-secret, ever reported?

Is it because Biden is on his way out?  Is it a Deep State ploy to remove idle-minded Biden from the White House before the 2024 election gets into full gear?

This doesn’t make sense because the corrupt and criminal actors in the Democrat Party and their allies in the media and Deep State aren’t about to eat their own.  So why is it these documents ever came to light?

Kash Patel believes the answer is in the Hunter Biden laptop. 

In an op-ed yesterday at the Daily Caller, Patel writes:

I worked on numerous national security cases and as the former Deputy Director of National Intelligence and Federal prosecutor, it is clear that the Biden matter is at the intersection of these two worlds.

Mishandling classified information is a federal crime, period. One of the most concerning revelations in the wake of this scandal is that these classified documents have been on the move in the wild for years. Each person that moved them, each place they were stored is another separate crime.

Basic investigatory steps such as the issuance of search warrants for every location Biden and Hunter ever touched, have been jettisoned without legal cause. By doing so, Garland and Wray seek to uphold their traditions and principles of government corruption.

Why should anyone care about any of this? We have now learned these classified documents have been found at many locations and span back decades of intelligence matters.

Whether it is a locked garage or the Biden Penn Center, or his cereal closet — none of these locations were authorized to store classified information. In the coming days, how many other locations are we going to learn of and who had access? I predict many more.

The question of how they were moved is still a mystery. Are we to believe the chief librarians at NARA actually initiated this investigation? The answers to these questions expose its genesis: Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Hunter Biden’s proximity and potential access to an array of classified material should concern every single American. Political crime is the Biden family business. Covering up those crimes, well that has been the business of the current DOJ and FBI, along with the media.

TGP reported on the connections on Hunter’s laptop to classified information ultimately that may have been shared in Ukraine.

HERE IT IS – THE SMOKING GUN: The 20 Point Email of Classified Information from His Father that Hunter Biden Sent to Burisma Board Member in April 2014

Patel concludes:

This investigation into the handling of these classified documents did not begin in November 2022. The timing of the documents is no coincidence. This scandal was perfectly timed and flawlessly revealed with the assistance of the corrupt media.

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