Former Biden Aide Questioned by Federal Investigators in Probe into GarageGate Has Close Ties to Hunter

A former Joe Biden aide who was questioned by federal investigators as part of the government’s investigation into stolen classified documents improperly stored at Biden’s private office and garage.

Recall, Hunter Biden suggested to his father he hire Kathy Chung to be his assistant.

Joe Biden hired Hunter’s Rosemont Seneca employee Anne Marie Person, 34, to be one of his private VP staffers.

Kathy Chung was excited Joe Biden hired Anne Marie Person in emails previously released from Hunter Biden’s laptop.

“I am very excited to have Anne Marie Person working here with me in the West Wing!! I think all of you know her from her work with Rosemont Seneca,” wrote then-Vice President Biden’s assistant, Kathy Chung, in a May 27, 2014 email to Beau, Hunter and Jim Biden and other members of the Biden clan, according to the New York Post.

Many more emails from Kathy Chung to Hunter Biden were also discovered.

Fox News reported:

A former top aide to President Biden — who reportedly was questioned by federal investigators as part of the probe into the president’s handling of classified documents — exchanged emails with Hunter Biden on numerous occasions, according to a Fox News Digital review.

Kathy Chung, Biden’s executive assistant when he was vice president and the Pentagon’s current deputy director of protocol, is among several former aides to the president to be interviewed by law enforcement, NBC News reported Thursday. Chung and the others questioned reportedly helped move materials and belongings from Biden’s office at the end of the Obama administration in early 2017.

Throughout much of her five-year tenure working for Biden during the Obama administration, Chung regularly communicated with Biden’s son Hunter Biden, transmitting information about his father’s schedule and passing messages directly from the then-vice president, according to emails obtained from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop and verified by Fox News Digital.

Chung’s relationship with Hunter Biden also appears to date back before she worked for his father. The emails showed that Hunter Biden recommended Chung for the executive assistant role when the previous holder of the job, Michele Smith, departed the White House in the spring of 2012.

Hunter Biden had a key to the garage where Joe Biden stored classified documents next to the Corvette.

Hunter Biden also signed a legal document saying he OWNED the home and that he was not a felon — TWO MORE LIES!

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