Army Vet Christopher Alberts Clubbed in the Back of the Head on Jan 6 – Then Feds Arrest Him, Lie to the Court, and Are Caught Hiding Video – PLEASE HELP CHRIS ALBERTS!

Christopher Alberts
Guest post by Kelly Wilde
Illegal arrest, officer perjury, and suppression of favorable evidence: The Jan 6 case against US Army veteran Christopher Alberts is flimsy at best.
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Unconstitutional charges based off an illegal arrest are being used to try to put Army combat veteran Christopher Alberts behind bars for more than 20 years for exercising his Constitutional right to protest on January 6th.

Alberts did not cause any harm or property damage and was not suspected of committing any crime when he was illegally searched by a Metro Police officer on the evening of January 6th.

When Alberts pledged to stand up to the unconstitutional charges he was arrested for, prosecutors retaliated with a superseding indictment that brought no new evidence but  six additional charges against him, in a move defense attorneys are calling vindictive.

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The charge he was originally booked on was dropped by prosecutors earlier this month after Alberts’ attorney questioned its constitutionality on the heels of the recent Supreme Court decision protecting second amendment rights from states infringement.

But Alberts, who has already endured flagrant disclosure violations and incriminating perjury by officials, still faces 9 charges as he heads to trial early next month.

Christopher Alberts


The entire case started with an illegal search and seizure on the evening of January 6th.

Without warning, Metro Police Officer Dallan Haynes bludgeoned Alberts in the back of his head with a baton as Alberts was walking away from an expanding curfew boundary the officers were trying to set.

In a written statement, arresting officer Haynes stated that he “noticed a bulge” in Alberts pants and decided to frisk him.

“Bulges” are not illegal, but a search without proper cause and excessive force is—a fact officer Haynes must have realized when he changed his testimony a few days later in front of a grand jury.

Not only did officer Haynes alter his statement (contradicting his earlier written statement), Haynes falsely stated that Alberts was suspected of a curfew violation which tricked the grand jury into issuing the indictment.


Prosecutors alleged that video evidence of the arrest did not exist due to an upload failure. Only months later, Alberts own investigator discovered the video among mountains of evidence. On it, the supervising MPD officer can be heard stating that the curfew order had not yet been issued—confirming that Alberts was not in violation of any law at the time he was searched, and officer Haynes lied to the jury on top of his already altered statements.

Officer Haynes covered up his misconduct with lies, and the prosecutors helped hide the evidence. 

In a functioning justice system, this would be more than enough grounds for dismissalInstead, prosecutors heaped more charges onto Alberts, including a grossly uncorroborated assault charge without an identified victim. 


The Justice Department should consider changing its name to the Retaliation Department.

One of the new charges states that “on or about” January 6, Alberts assaulted, resisted, opposed, or impeded “any member” of the uniformed services or “any person assisting” such an officer inside the District of Columbia.

“Imagine being charged with ‘assaulting, resisting, opposing, impeding, intimidating and interfering with’ any one of thousands of people, within a ten mile square area, ‘on or about’ a given date,” reads a motion filed by Alberts’ attorney.

Even worse, neither the officer nor the agency have been identified nearly two years later—likely because of the excessively vague and uncorroborated nature of the allegations.

How can anyone contest these type of charges?

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But this is the type of busywork the Department of Justice has been able to get away with to go after nonviolent American veterans who, like Alberts, have no criminal past and a history of service.

Christopher Alberts and fiancé Melissa


Not only does Alberts have no criminal past, he has a long history of responding to distress situations that have saved people’s lives.

“Chris has saved so many people’s lives. On his birthday he helped bring a woman back to life who was having a heart attack at the Hollywood Casino in Maryland. He assisted paramedics with chest compressions and rescue breathing,” his fiancé Melissa told us in an interview.

“He saw a man in peril in a horrible car accident and provided spinal stabilization and pulled him to safety moments before his vehicle caught fire. He has saved our niece from choking, rescued two boys from a riptide. I could go on and on.”

Alberts deployed to Iraq in 2007 in support of operation Iraqi Freedom, and enlisted at eighteen to the Virginia National Guard.

“Chris is the most selfless person I’ve ever met. He is a pure-hearted, loyal, compassionate, honorable man. He is the girl every woman dreams of and the love of my life. He is not what the government is trying to say he is,” she told us about Alberts.

This is a travesty against a man who served our country and was well within his constitutional rights on the day this nightmare began. 

It is through men like Alberts—those who were legally protesting on January 6th but got swept into this politicized black hole of corruption—that we will expose the dark reality of the DOJ and a court system that appears to uphold the rights of only those it agrees with politically. 

The need for legal assistance to fight the endless resources of the Department of Justice cannot be overstated. Please donate what you can to support Christopher Alberts in his stand against this awful injustice.

His fight is the fight of every American!

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