EXCLUSIVE: Experts Believe GOP-Led House Has Constitutional Right to Set Innocent Jan 6 Victims Housed in the DC Gulag Free

American Gulag: Documenting government overreach following the Jan. 6 capitol protest
American Gulag: Documenting government overreach following the Jan. 6 capitol protest

Set them free. 

On Jan 6, 2021, four Americans died at the US Capitol.  They were there protesting the stolen 2020 Presidential election.  Ashli Babbitt was shot dead and the Capitol policeman who did it walks free.  Rosanne Boyland was beaten while she was lying unconscious.  Two innocent gentlemen were standing in the crowd when the Capitol police started firing flash bombs and they died.

The Capitol police involved in these deaths walk free.

Other main players walk free.  One was a Capitol policeman who claimed he was the victim that day but the truth may show the opposite.  He recently received an award from Joe Biden for his accusations. Another instigator in the crowd identified by The Gateway Pundit was Ray Epps.  He instigated the riots at the Capitol that day and he walks free.

WEIRD? Ray Epps J6 Committee Testimony Released: Admitted “I Was in the Front … I Also Orchestrated It” – Is Still a Free Man and Was Ignored in Final Report

Instead of bringing those behind the Capitol riots to justice, the corrupt politicians in DC, working with corrupt prosecutors and corrupt Capitol police, started charging innocent individuals protesting the stolen election with crimes and putting them in prison.

(See TGP’s website the American Gulag for an updated list of the hundreds of Americans being persecuted for protesting the stolen election on that day.)

A year ago, Judge Napolitano shared that he believes that none of these individuals should have been put in jail.  They had the Constitutional right to protest that day.

“None of Them Should Be in Jail. They Should All Be Out On Bail…It Is an American Gulag” – Judge Napolitano on the DOJ’s and Court’s Actions with January 6ers

With the corrupt and evil tyrant Speaker Nancy Pelosi no longer in power, Constitutionalists believe that the GOP-led House can set these innocents free.  

According to attorney David Clements and others, the Constitution says:

Article I Section 8 Clause 17 of the US Constitution is known as the “enclave clause.”

It establishes Congress’s exclusive power to regulate all matters within the District of Columbia. This would necessarily include all matters related to police power, the option of establishing a city council and position of mayor to run the district’s affairs, and the administration of prisons and the treatment of prisoners.

In other words, your elected representatives, now led by a Republican majority, should be lobbied 24/7 for the immediate release of those imprisoned in the DC gulag now. Withholding federal funding, or exercising the “power of the purse” should be leveraged.

President Trump supports the idea of using the law to free the Jan 6 political prisoners.  He re-Truthed the idea on Truth Social.

We Americans want those responsible for putting in place the Jan 6 riots, the kangaroo courts which are breaking the law, the 5am arrests, and not adhering to the US Constitution, to be held accountable and held to a higher standard due to the positions and powers we entrusted them with.

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