Demonic: Madonna Criticized for “Mocking Jesus” with “Blasphemous” Last Supper Photoshoot and Portraying Virgin Mary for Vanity Fair

The “Queen of Pop” is back again with a blasphemous photoshoot.

Madonna has received widespread backlash after mocking Jesus and Mary with a blasphemous Last Supper and Virgin Mary photoshoot for Vanity Fair.

The 64-year-old singer appeared on the cover of the February ‘Icon Issue’ dressed as the Holy Mother.

The shoot was photographed by Luigi & Iango.

“Icon. Pioneer. Diva. Pop star. The first “Icon Issue” of Vanity Fair, an issue that will celebrate each year a great icon of contemporary culture, could only be dedicated to her: Madonna,” Vanity Fair wrote.

“She makes herself up, transforms, gets on the table, challenges bullfighters, reenacts the Last Supper… In this spectacular portfolio for Vanity Fair, Madonna revisits her status as a pop star, between creative madness and religious provocation, like her an exceptional career,” the magazine wrote.

The singer also recreated “The Last Supper,” in which she posed as Jesus with a group of 12 disciples.

Olivier Bouchara, head of Editorial Content for Vanity Fair France said, “In this very special issue, Madonna becomes Madonna again: an icon. Not just the embodiment of a musical trend or a style of dress, but a figure as disturbing as she is sacred.”

Source: Vanity Fair

The singer defends her blasphemy in the Vanity Fair edition, saying that she mirrored the “teachings of Jesus” and that her critics in the Catholic Church are “hypocrites.”

“Take a good look at the image: I am crowned, dressed in a sumptuous robe and I stand on an altar. Do you know what state of mind I was in? I felt left to graze, weakened. It was just a photo, taken in the studio, yet it brought me back to Rome, when I was harshly criticized by the Vatican. I grew up in a Catholic family, and being attacked by the Church was a shock: with my job, I was just trying to do good, but they eluded them. I knew right away that the problem was with them, not me. They hadn’t understood that my songs brought people together, that they gave them the freedom to express themselves. I was just applying the teachings of Jesus. My detractors were hypocrites,” Madonna told Vanity Fair’s Simone Marchetti during an interview.

Source: Vanity Fair
Source: Vanity Fair

This is not the first time Madonna has sparked outrage for her anti-Christian antics.  32 years ago Madonna came under attack following the release of her “Like a Prayer” video where Madonna is seen singing in front of burning crosses, in a church with a children’s choir and in moments of erotic embrace with an African-American religious figure.

The blasphemous cover was released as the 64-year-old singer revealed that she will be embarking on a tour across both the United States and Europe to celebrate her fortieth year working in the music industry.

This comes after it was reported that Universal Pictures would no longer be producing a biopic about Madonna, Variety reported.

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