REVEALED: Retired Italian General Says a US Official Bragged that Pope Benedict Would be Forced to Resign Weeks After His Installment

An Italian General reported this week that an American official bragged about removing Pope Benedict weeks after he was installed.  Also, a very dark group surrounding the Pope was working against him and the church. 

A report coming out of Italy this week has some shocking news related to the late Pope Benedict.

Lifesite reports:

On the eve of Pope Benedict XVI’s burial, Piero Laporta, a retired Italian brigadier general, published a stunning piece on his own blog.

This Catholic author, who previously lobbied to have Benedict participate (and influence) the controversial Synod on the Family some eight years ago, is now revealing that in the first weeks after the election of Joseph Ratzinger to the papal throne in 2005, an official of the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) “was bragging about the resignation to which H.H. Benedict XVI of revered memory would soon be forced.”

If this story is true, however, “soon” would have to mean seven years, as that is the time it actually took for Benedict to resign.

Laporta is a retired brigadier general who worked for the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Italian Military, and since his retirement writes for multiple blogs and for different newspapers, collaborating with, among others, our colleague Marco Tosatti and his blog Stilum Curiae…

The even more shocking piece from Laporta’s remarks is his mention of a “Roman circle” of what sound like anti-Catholic and anti-Christian individuals who were working against the church.

Laporta then revealed that there exists “a great Roman circle that is still active today,” that is more powerful than the so-called “Sankt Gallen group,” which has been historically opposed to Benedict.

Laporta further relayed that in 2005, “a leading delegate of the U.S. government, who had his hands in Italian finances (where he is still active) and in Italian politics,” and was “a figure in the highest ranks of the National Security Agency (NSA),” was “bragging about the resignation to which H.H. Benedict XVI of revered memory would soon be forced.”

This man, Laporta went on to say, spoke “with a nonchalance and with an arrogance” outside of his own circle about this matter.

This “Roman circle” was reportedly dedicated to the slogans “God is dead” and “Jesus is fake news,” and was in “panic” when Benedict was elected.

According to the Italian general, it was this group who “isolated” Benedict, “leaving him alone while the nescionalsecuiritiagensi [NSA] goons scourged the truth, then crucified it.”

Pope Benedict passed away this past week after being the oldest Pope in history upon his death.  With this new information, will the Catholic Church fall into a crisis?  We asked this previously after Pope Benedict’s death was first reported.

Will the Roman Catholic Church Face a Crisis with the Death of Pope Benedict?



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