Daily Beast “Journalist” Who Smeared Matt Gaetz and Herschel Walker Used to Work For a SANCTIONED CHINESE MILITARY COMPANY

This story takes the phrase “enemy of the people” to uncharted levels. The War Room revealed today that The Daily Beast’s Roger Sollenberger, who has become known for his smears of prominent conservatives, used to work for a sanctioned military company closely linked to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Before entering the corporate “journalism” world, Sollenberger worked as an employee for the CCP-linked drone company DJI. This company has ties to the China’s military and has been sanctioned by the U.S. Government since 2017 for “selectively targeting government and privately owned entities within these sectors to expand its ability to collect and exploit sensitive U.S. data.”

So this so-called journalist happily cashed checks from a company that wants to steal U.S. Government and corporate data for the Chinese government’s benefit. No reason we should believe he is loyal to America or trust him as a “journalist.”

Here is the story from The War Room’s Natalie Winters (a real journalist and patriot):

“Roger Sollenberger – a journalist responsible for dubiously sourced stories attacking high-profile conservatives like Herschel Walker and Rep. Matt Gaetz – previously worked for a Chinese Communist Party-linked company blacklisted by the U.S. government for its ties to the regime’s military.”

“Sollenberger, a reporter for The Daily Beast, is credited with breaking stories that targeted the Georgia Senate candidate, including reports about a secret son and allegations he paid for a woman’s abortion. Sollenberger was also responsible for an exclusive story accusing American Conservative Union (ACU) Chairman Matt Schlapp of “groping” a male staffer for Walker’s campaign.”

“Described as a “relative newcomer to journalism,” Sollenberger previously worked for the controversial Chinese Communist Party-linked drone company DJI.”

“Since 2017, China-based DJI has been flagged by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as “selectively targeting government and privately owned entities within these sectors to expand its ability to collect and exploit sensitive U.S. data.”

“These fears have prompted the U.S. Department of Interior to ground its entire DJI drone fleet, “citing increasing concerns about the national security risk from Chinese manufacturers.” The Department of Defense and U.S. Army have also followed suit due to national security and data privacy concerns, as DJI routinely complies with data-sharing requests from the Chinese Communist Party.”

“Recently, the company was sanctioned by the U.S. government and added to a blacklist over its ties to Beijing’s military and role in the Chinese Communist Party’s surveillance of Uyghur Muslims in China. DJI is considered a “Chinese military company,” meaning its technologies are designed in a way that can support the People’s Liberation Army (PLA)’s objectives.”

“The New York Times reported on a 2016 press briefing in China where DJI spokesman Zhang Fanxi described how the company “is complying with requests from the Chinese government to hand over data.”

Winters also points out The Daily Beast excluded his previous work for DJI in his biography. Did The Daily Beast know about his previous work or did Sollenberger neglect to tell them?

“Despite these ties, a 2015 version of Sollenberger’s professional bio notes he “worked for DJI,” though the affiliation is excluded from his bio on The Daily Beast website. A separate webpage notes that he “worked for DJI North America;” however, a video posted on the page can no longer be viewed by the general public.”

Winters also divulges Sollenberger was the editorial director for 3D Robotics, a California drone company. 3D Robotics later partnered with DJI in 2017. They provide DJI drones to spy on people and properties.

“3DR provided DJI drones with its “Site Scan” technology, which is often used for surveillance of people and properties.”

“A drone with a high-resolution camera running the Site Scan software enables those working at every stage of a construction project to keep track of the design they’re working towards. An architect can use it to scan the surface of where their building will be going and use that to create an accurate model from which to design their structure; engineers can use it to make sure they’re building exactly as intended, and to catch any deviations from the original design models,” explained a Quartz announcement regarding the partnership.”

Winters also says this technology can be used to spy on the Uighurs, the people the CCP is conducting a genocide against. It is unclear whether this has happened so far.

In a perfect world, The Daily Beast would fire Sollenberger effectively immediately and the Regime would conduct a thorough investigation regarding his ties to the CCP. But we know none of this will happen.








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