Brazil: Lula’s Role Models are Mao, Castro, Adolf Hitler – Bolsonaro Says He Will Not Go Back

Lula da Silva and Fidel Castro founded the São Paulo Forum 1990 with the aim of spreading Communism thorugh South America

The despotic Lula regime continues to hold 1398 political prisoners in Brazil, who are being denied basic amenities such as pillows, blankets and hygiene products. Communist São Paulo Forum founder Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva once praised Fidel Castro, Che Guevara and Adolf Hitler as his role models. Former President Jair Bolsonaro has said he will not return to Brazil at the moment.  

“Brazil’s former president Jair Bolsonaro plans to extend his exile in the United States,” Rio Times reported, and remain in Orlando, where he has been treated for  recurring abdominal pains. Bolsonaro was stabbed in a left-wing assassination attempt when he was running für president in 2018.  Democratic congressmen have demanded Bolsonaro be deported to the “Lulags.”

Bolsonaro’s former Justice Minister Anderson Torres has already been deported by the Biden Regime and immediately arrested on landing in Brazil Saturday 1/14. Torres was interrogated by the Federal Police Wednesday 1/18, at the 4th Military Police Battalion in Brasília, where he is being held in the order of corrupt Chief Justice Alexandre de Moraes. Torres refused to testify, it is reported.

Electoral Justice Minister Benedito Gonçalves gave Bolsonaro three days to comment about a draft decree found in Torres‘ home, which would have declared a state of emergency and allowed the military to take over the Superior Electoral Court.

In an interview with Brazilian Playboy magazine in 1979, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva praised Che Guevara, Fidel Castro, Mao Ze Dong, and Adolf Hitler as his role models. Hitler had “the courage of proposing to do something and trying to do it,“ Lula said.

Speaking with Argentina’s La Nación in 2002, Lula’s successor as head of the São Paulo Forum Marco Aurélio Garcia said thatLula would have no interest in preserving democracy once  he is in power: “We have to first give the impression that we are democrats, initially; we have to accept certain things. But that won’t last.”

In 2002, French Le Monde wrote that Lula “strongly believes that every election is a farce and a mere step to take power,” Epoch Times reports.

On Jan. 9, the regime arrested at least 1398 political prisoners for the crime of being present on the Army base in Brasilía, charging them with “Terrorism”, including children, elderly and handicapped. When they were taken to Federal prison Jan. 11, the prisoners were denied blankets and pillows for “security  reasons” and were forcibly injected with the potentially lethal mRNA shots.

Citizens have been donating hygiene products to the prisoners, which they are being denied by the regime, Allan dos Santos reported.

The Ministry of Justice Wednesday ordered the freezing of the assets of 52 people and 7 companies for allegedly being involved in financing the Jan 8 “insurrection” to which no one brought any firearms. The Justice Ministry is not interested in  investigating widespread reports of infiltrators and provocateurs who committed the violence Jan. 8.

The Ministry of Justice also wants to create a parallel justice system to punish “anti-democratic acts“ and create  a new Stasi security force to go after the opposition. The Lula regime also wants to take steps to make Bolsonaro ineligible from competing in democratic elections.

In an interview with journalist Guilherme Amado, an anonymous capital security official charged that the Presidential Place was “abandoned” by security forces on Jan. 8: “There was no command, there were no orders, it seemed like they had completely abandoned the palace”, the source said. “The Presidential Guard Batallion failed to protect the headquarters of the Presidency, due to negligence or planning.”

Ricardo Cappelli, Lula-appointed Intervenor of the Federal District, said that Military Police told him the vandals who invaded the government buildings in Brasília acted like “professionals” and knew the territory of the Chamber of Deputies and the Presidential Palace. “He [the Police officer] stated: ‘We weren’t just facing protesters, these were combat-trained men with knowledge of the territory, knowledge of combat tactics, acting like professionals. There were military professionals among the demonstrators’. This is important testimony. We’re looking into it,” Cappelli said.

Speaking in the European Parliament, Hermann Tertsch of the right-wing Spanish VOX party said that “Nobody has remembered that in 2017 Lula’s followers assaulted and burned three ministries in Brasilia. Mr. Lula founded the Sao Paulo Forum, the great communist drug network in Latin America.”

The group of European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR), to which VOX belongs, presented a resolution on the protests in Brazil, asking the European Parliament to denounce the detention of 1,500 civilians after Jan. 8. The resolution, which condemns violent acts “in the strongest terms”, recalls that violence is never justifiable and calls for “an immediate end to the undermining of democracy in Brazil by all parties” involved.

The ECR presented this resolution as an alternative to the draft by the left, who launched a rehash of condemnations and accusations against the “ultra-right”, “fascism”, “racism”, “hate” and alleged international conspiracies of the “extreme right” to undermine democracy in the world.

In their proposal, the left and extreme left groups show their “solidarity” with the new Communist president of Brazil, convicted of corruption and suspected of committing fraud in the elections, and accuse Donald Trump and former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro of being behind the violence. In addition, they regret the insufficient censorship on social media platforms for not “moderating or limiting the spread of anti-democratic campaigns, fascism and transnational extremism.”

In contrast, the right-wing ECR group recalled leftist violence in Brazil, such as the stabbing of Bolsonaro when he was a presidential candidate in 2018 or the riots by Lula supporters of against the government of Michel Temer in 2017.

It also recalls that in several Latin American countries, “particularly in Venezuela, Nicaragua or Bolivia, electoral fraud has been used as a tool for the creation of non-democratic regimes” related to the Cuban communist dictatorship and that the guerrillas and organized terrorist and criminal groups continue to grow at the same time.

VOX MEP Hermann Tertsch asked the European Parliament this Thursday to reject the leftist resolution, “which is biased and unfair and ignores the real, aggressive and intense threats against democracy in Latin America ”, which, he recalls, “come from the left and its alliance with organized crime and drug cartels”. In an e-mail to all MEPs, Tertsch stressed that “we all condemn the violence of January 8, but no one seems to remember that Lula’s followers assaulted and set fire to three Federal Government ministries on May 24, 2017”.

The VOX MEP recalls that the Sao Paulo Forum was created by Lula da Silva and Fidel Castro in 1991 “to create a new communist international after the collapse of the Soviet empire.” “Portraying Lula as a hero for democracy is a fallacy and an insult to millions of South and Central Americans who now live in poverty and fear in Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua or Cuba,” he underlines. And he recalls that “the forces of the Sao Paulo Forum use repression and terror when they are in power and brutal violence when they try to obtain it, as happened in Chile, Bolivia and Colombia.”

The European Parliament adopted the left-wing proposal by 319 votes in favour, 46 against and 74 abstentions, expressing its “solidarity” with Communist President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and blaming Jair Bolsonaro for the attack. In a resolution, MPs condemned “in the strongest terms” the “criminal acts” of the former president’s supporters and called for recognition of Lula’s stolen election.




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