BRAZIL: Regime Planning to Deny Conservative Senators and Representatives Their Seats – 1000 “Lulag” Concentration Camp Inmates Forced to Get the Vax

Brazil now has its first concentration camp

Arrested protestors in Brazil are being forcibly vaccinated with the Covid shots against their will. The left is now planning to deny conservative Senators and Representatives their seats in Congress and complete their Stalinist takeover.

Almost a thousand political prisoners are being held in the Federal Prisons in Brasilia. The men were sent to Papuda prison, the women to Colmeia penitentiary. “Upon arrival, they are vaccinated against Covid (probably against their will), given a rolled-up mattress without a pillow and a hygiene kit”, Brazil in English wrote.

A group of left-wing lawyers close to the Supreme Court asked the Supreme Court to prevent right-wing Representatives from taking office, including Nikolas Ferreira (Minas Gerais), Carlos Jordy (Rio de Janeiro), indigenous delegate Silvia Wãiapi (Amapá), André Fernandes (Ceará), Sargeant Rodrigues (Minas Gerais) and Walber Virgolino (Paraíba). The suit alleges they supported the storming of the National Congress on January 8th.

American journalist Glenn Greenwald, who lives in Brazil, asked: “Has there ever been, a modern democracy where a single judge exercises the power that (Chief Justice) Alexandre de Moraes has in Brazil? I can’t think of any examples even close.”

“One of the greatest ironies of Moraes’ extraordinary popularity among the corporate media and the left was that he served as Minister of Justice, and later was appointed to the STF, by a president and government widely considered at the time to be not only illegitimate, but “a coup leader. ”

Lula’s new “Human Rights Minister”, Silvio Almeida, said he will give detained protesters the strictest treatment, even though Almeida sympathizes with criminals charged with drug trafficking, robbery, theft and crimes against life across Brazil.

The Institutional Security Cabinet (GSI), linked to the President of the Republic, dismissed a platoon of 36 security guards from the Presidential Guard Battalion 20 hours before the invasion last Sunday, in Brasilia, Rio Times reported.

The former governor of the Federal District, Ibaneis Rocha, said that security had been sabotaged, encouraging the invasion of the National Congress, Presidential Palace and Supreme Court by the demonstrators.

At least 48 federal agencies were warned of the possible escalation in Brasilia but did nothing, it was reported.

A video on social media shows police inviting protesters into the National Congress last Sunday Jan. 8. The video shows, demonstrators climbing the stairs of the Congress chanting, to find the police unit already positioned inside the building. The officers offer no resistance to the protesters, who applaud the agents and return the friendly gestures: “This is for us, guys.”

Another video showed Lula supporters smashing windows of the National Congress.

Senator Marcos do Val, of the center-right Podemos party, used his speech in the Wednesday session of Congress to proclaim that Lula da Silva’s Government knew that last Sunday’s protests would end in the break-in of the National Congress building.

Public Prosecutors in Brasilia submitted a request to the Federal Audit Court to seize Bolsonaro’s assets, blaming Bolsonaro for property damage in Sunday’s riots.

Prisoners were forced to sign confessions if they wanted to leave the “Lulag” concentration campo, including a 74-year-old woman:

Jamile Davies spoke to Matt Baker:

Speaking to Steve Bannon, Matthew Tyrmand said that Brazil lives under “a tyranny of judges” who let Lula and his cronies out of prison so he could take over:



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