Big Tech Strikes Again: Vimeo Cancels The Wellness Company’s Account After Episode On Ivermectin


Although the pandemic is behind us, Big Tech is still censoring health information from the public.

The video hosting company Vimeo recently deleted the channel of The Wellness Company.

The Wellness Company is a startup with a “Freedom From Pharma” program that provides access to doctors and pharmacies that aren’t afraid to provide treatments like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine (plus, Gateway Pundit benefits when you subscribe through this link or the links below).

In fact, it was a video on ivermectin that caused the deletion, according to The Wellness Company.

Chris Alexander of The Wellness Company said:

“Vimeo banned our account on the basis of an interview with Jen VanDeWater, a licensed pharmacist who runs our Freedom from Pharma program, about the safety and utility of Ivermectin.

“Vimeo has allowed pro-vaccination voices to post video after video that have been riddled with misinformation, disinformation and outright lies. Vimeo isn’t holding any of these people accountable and none of these accounts are being suspended or permanently banned.

“The actions of Vimeo are a reminder of why it is so important for conservatives and freedom loving Americans to build parallel systems. We can no longer rely on the compromised systems of the establishment – and that is exactly why we founded The Wellness Company.

“Nothing is more critical than healthcare and no system has been more exposed over the last three years than our healthcare system. Every American who cares about the truth and who cares about their health should join us!”

Here’s the video (via Rumble):

The Wellness Company was recently created as a “brand new model” for our healthcare system.

It is a network of doctors (including Dr. Peter McCullough) and pharmacies to get pro-freedom doctors and patients what they need.

Anyone can join their “Freedom From Pharma” Plan and get:

— a personal doctor of pharmacy

— a “de-prescribing” plan

— coaching and access to a team of pro-freedom specialists

Recently, medical hero Dr. Peter McCullough told Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft about The Wellness Company.

Watch their discussion (transcript below):

Click here to learn more about The Wellness Company’s Freedom From Pharma plan.

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