AI Robot Lawyer Will Defend Traffic Violator In Court

AI technology has infiltrated almost every fabric of society and now AI will be used in the courtroom.

A robot lawyer operated by AI technology will help fight a traffic offender’s ticket next month.

The robot was created by tech startup DoNotPay.

Per its website, DoNotPay’s goal is to “utilize artificial intelligence to help consumers fight against large corporations and solve their problems like beating parking tickets, appealing bank fees, and suing robocallers.”

The location of the courtroom and the traffic offender’s names have been withheld due to security purposes.

So, how does it work?

Per the New York Post, the AI “will run on a smartphone and listen to court arguments in real-time before telling the defendant what to say via headphones.”

If the AI Robot fails to get the traffic offender off the hook, then DoNotPay will pay all fines.

DoNotPay’s new technology faces many legal hurdles due to the fact many courtrooms do not allow non-hearing aide blue tooth devices inside the courtroom.

Also, in most courtrooms in the United States, all parties need to consent in order to be recorded inside a court room.


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