WOW! Brave Flint, MI. Residents Cite Examples of Voter Fraud and Multiple Unbalanced Precincts in Nov. Election… Ask MI Board of Canvassers Why They Would Certify Election When Flint Election Officials Wouldn’t? [VIDEO]

100 Percent Fed Up reports – On Monday, the MI Board of Canvassers, which is made up of an equal number of Democrats and Republicans and led by Michigan’s Director of the Bureau of Elections, Jonathan Brater, who works under the dishonest Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, unanimously voted to certify the November 2022 election, despite multiple examples of voter fraud and precincts that were out of balance.

On Sept. 6, Pure Integrity Michigan Elections and Attorney Erick Kaardal of the Thomas More Society sent Flint a Demand Letter. Either balance the skewed number of election inspectors from 92% Democrat/6% Republican to 50-50 or expect legal filings.

On Sep. 8, Inez Brown, Flint’s City Clerk of 25 years, resigned, effective Sep. 30.

Sudden resignations tend to raise eyebrows, so when NPR reported the imminent departure of a major city clerk, the move garnered wide-eyed surprise. “Inez Brown has been Flint’s city clerk for 25 years. But at Wednesday night’s city council meeting, Brown announced she would be stepping down at the end of the month.”

On Sept. 6, two days before giving her three-week notice, the clerk and a who’s-who list of Flint officials received a demand letter. Either balance the city’s skewed number of election inspectors from 92% Democrat and 6% Republican to 50-50 or brace for legal filings, stated the letter from Pure Integrity Michigan Elections and Attorney Erick Kaardal, Special Counsel for the Thomas More Society.

So, was the 25-year veteran clerk’s resignation a coincidence?

“I think not,” said Patrice Johnson, chair of PIME. “This is a huge win.”

Still, the clerk’s resignation raises questions as to how Flint will fill the vacancy. According to the NPR article, Flint has asked the Secretary of State to help with the November elections.

“How is it that Flint could have such a weak bench that no underlings can fill a departing clerk’s shoes?” Johnson asked.

Apparently, it didn’t matter if the crooked Flint City Clerk vacated her office (or not) because the precincts counting their ballots on November 8, 2022, still ended up being out of balance, as they have been for almost every election. In Michigan, if the precincts are found to be out of balance, those precincts are unable to be used in a recount—how convenient.

Two Flint residents bravely took on the MI Board of Canvassers to demand they abstain from certifying the election based on multiple irregularities and questionable accounting of ballots. Neither one of the two residents are Republican; they are simply residents who are sick of watching their elections being run like a third-world country.

Arthur Woodson of Flint, MI, shocked viewers at the MI Board of Canvassers when he cited multiple cases of voter fraud he witnessed on Election Day, November 8, 2022. Woodson stated that he was representing his good friend Linda Lee Tarver and added that everything he said was available for them to watch on video.

They were trying to balance the books. They didn’t have a name with it. They ended up putting the name on the voter’s list to try to balance the book at the board of canvassers. Under Public Act 116 of 1954 MCL 168.932c: An inspector of election clerk or other officer or person having custody of any record election, election list of voters, affidavit, return, statement of votes, certificates, poll book, or any paper, document, or vote of any description which pursuant to this act is made, found, preserved, shall not willfully destroy, mutilate, deface, falsify, fraudulently remove, or fraudulently remove or erase any entry of all of those items in whole or in part or fraudulently make any entry, erase or alteration.

Anybody that do so is a felony!  Also, somebody voted that wasn’t registered in the state of Michigan! And they look through the what is it?—the QVF! And they can’t find this person—and this person had the same ballot number as the other person—143!

Also, please put all the absentee ballots in one book, which they have six books; five of them cannot be recounted because they didn’t sign. The county canvasser one says that he’s not signing off on this election because the election director says that she’s not signing off on it as far as the remarks.

If you had all this happening—and 90% of the absentees cannot be tabulated—or if they did have an issue, they couldn’t be recounted because the board of canvassers said they couldn’t open up the canisters because the seal only one person signed! So they couldn’t even see if the balance was correct and see if the tabulator was right or not. So, we have serious issues in Genesee County, and if the Election Director would not sign off on what they were asking her to sign off on— why would you? Why would you sign off on it if she noted it was fraud? It was reported to the county prosecutor in the state police office. Why would you sign off on it if the Election Director wouldn’t sign off on what they were axing her to do?

Flint, MI, resident Michael Dean also called the certification of the November 2022 election into question, asking the MI Board of Canvassers how they expect young people like him to trust our elections if they continue to be out of balance and wrought with fraud.


Here’s how Michigan’s dirty Soros-funded SOS Jocelyn Benson responded to the serious claims by minorities in Flint, MI, of whom she falsely claims to be a “champion.”

“Democracy has prevailed,” which is shorthand for Jocelyn Benson really saying—Another election has been stolen, and so far, no one has been prosecuted or charged!

Why do Michigan residents look the other way when they know fraud is king in heavily populated Democrat-majority areas?


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