“You Have Turned the Government Against the People, and I Think it’s Disgusting.” Christina Bobb to the “Inquisition” in Her Jan 6 Interview

Christina Bobb’s “Interview” in front of the unconstitutional Jan 6 committee was released yesterday along with other interviews and testimonies.  The hacks in the mainstream media ignored the dynamite portions of her testimony.  

Some of the media hacks were triggered by her comments.

Others in the media focused on the fact that she was one of many that listened in on President Trump’s calls.

What the leftists in the media missed was the last part of her interview when Bobb was very honest about what she thought of the committee.

Here are some parts of this part of her interview. 

Starting on page 173 in the interview below is the best part of Bobb’s testimony.

4 Q Were you at the rally on the Ellipse when the president spoke?
5 A No. I was at the Capitol. I was reporting from Cannon.
6 Q What was happening in Cannon at that point, if anything?
7 A Absolutely nothing. It was completely dead. I had no idea what was going on because I was watching the speech on the iPhone or iPad or whatever. And as a reporter, you try to get members of Congress to give you a sound byte or something, and there weren’t even any walking the halls…

On p. 175 the questioning turns to Mike Pence and his ability to send the results back to seven states to review and decide which set of electors the state will confirm.

15 Q And when you say he can solve this now by sending it back, are you talking about the violence at the Capitol, like that would help quell the violence?
17 A No. There was no — I did not — like I saw violence. Like I said, the doors hadn’t been opened yet so there was no actual breach, but I didn’t see violence at the Capitol when I was there. I saw like holes that I thought the police would be, you know, but I didn’t — I never thought — like you can see I didn’t even tweet out anything violent at the Capitol because I didn’t think there was any violence at the Capitol. It was that small…
24 Q And we don’t have the time stamps on here, so I’m just going to ask you, do you remember sending this tweet while you were walking back or once you had already returned to the Willard?

On p. 176 the discussion continues with the Jan 6 gang attempting to tie a tweet in Greek to Bobb:

2 A Oh, that’s weird. Why aren’t there time stamps? Do you know?
3 Q I don’t know the answer to that, but do you remember whether you sent those, particularly those last two tweets we’ve been talking about, once you got back to the Willard?
6 A No. I think the ones — I mean, I don’t think I tweeted from the Willard. [I] think the ones would have been the ones at the rotunda. I don’t remember specifically, but I don’t think I tweeted at all from the Willard.
9 Q Okay. If we go to Exhibit 58. This is one of the tweets we looked at earlier that you sent out. And it looks like it’s a retweet of somebody else.
11 A Okay.
12 Q And I believe that’s an image from the movie The Patriot, with respect to the Revolution?
14 A Did I retweet that? I didn’t retweet that. Somebody else, whoever, that looks like a Cyrillic something tweeted. I didn’t tweet that out.
16 Q Okay. So you don’t remember — it’s unclear to me, because it says Christina Bobb retweet, but that’s why I’m asking the question.
18 A No.
19 Q Do you remember a retweet?
20 A I mean, that lists — I can’t read — is that Cyrillic? Or I don’t even know what language that is.
22 A [redacted] I can represent to you that it is Greek. It is an archived capture of the Twitter account from the day of.
24 Ms. Bobb. Okay.
25 Q [redacted] And my understanding of this, although you are obviously welcome to correct me if it’s inaccurate, is that this user, Dan30, posted this image, and that you retweeted it. And then that’s what the retweet symbol and then the Christina Bobb retweets.

Moving to p. 177, the Jan 6 gang continues to discuss the Patriot retweet they claim Bobb retweeted.

4 Ms. Bobb. Okay.
5 [redacted] Like at the top.
6 Ms. Bobb. It’s fuzzy on my end, but, okay, if that’s what happened. Fine.
8 Q If this is a retweet, why did you think that January 6 would be — if you did, how is this relevant, the Patriot, Revolution 1776? Why was that relevant to what was happening on January 6?
11 A Wow. Because from my perspective we had an illegal election. I believe wholeheartedly that not just Democrats, I think it was Democrats in conjunction with — I think it was the swamp. The swamp rigged and stole the election and the American people lost their voice. And so I think it’s very appropriate to hope that President Pence, Vice President Pence will send the votes back to the states, but I think as it stands I think we are in a really bad spot as a country. I do.
17 Q And I hope you can appreciate this. I mean, one of the things we are looking at is what happened in the Capitol, the violence at the Capitol. And so what you retweeted here, if that’s what this is, is an image of violence, of war, of 1776. So did you think that violence was necessary or appropriate on January 6, 2021, with respect to the joint session of Congress?
22 A I can’t believe you are honestly asking me these questions. There’s nothing about my social media account that calls for violence or that asks for violence. I’ve never done anything violent. I’ve never called for violence from anybody. So the idea that I retweet a picture from The Patriot, if that’s even in fact what happened, I don’t even remember doing that. It looks like my name is in the thing, but it doesn’t say Christina Bobb retweeted. It says re, re, re, Christina Bobb, re-retweeted. I don’t even know that’s me, but maybe it is, but — no. Absolutely not. I would never call for violence. I never expected violence and was very saddened. And I’m really, really saddened by what’s happening with our country right now. I think Democrats have completely destroyed it. It’s really, really disgusting, and I think this inquisition is disgusting. That’s what I think.

On p. 178 the inquisition continues.

8 Q Understood. And that is now on the record, Ms. Bobb. I’m just asking the questions, only because, you know, we are looking at certain images, and I’m trying to understand it. So I — and that’s why we want you to explain it?
11 A [Bobb responds] So let me ask you this, because you are investigating the violence — supposed violence at the Capitol, right? Right? That’s what you guys are supposed to be doing. This is what this committee is for.
14 Q That’s precisely right. We are looking into the events of the attack at the Capitol?
16 A Then why aren’t you looking into the police officers, and why aren’t you looking into the fact that they did not use the proper protocol for the use of force, the escalation of force? Why aren’t you looking into the fact that they opened the gates, that they removed the barricades? Why aren’t you looking into the fact that the FBI had an informant and they are instigating? Why aren’t you looking into the fact who were those FBI informants and what was federal law enforcement doing trying to instigate people to go into the Capitol?
23 Why aren’t you looking at that? You are looking at my Twitter account that maybe or I may or may not have retweeted some guy who writes in Greek.
25 Look at the actual facts of what happened. What happened was really dangerous. Why is it the Democrats refused the assistance that President Trump offered to reinforce with either National Guard or additional troops from DOD? Those offers were turned down. Why? Why?

Continuing on p. 179.

4 Like the — it makes no sense. The stuff that happened at the Capitol could easily be investigated, but like why are you only investigating conservatives? It’s like why aren’t you looking into how did the violence of 2020 lead up to it. This is a completely one-sided partisan investigation. It’s disgusting. And there are people sitting in jail who do not deserve to be in jail because this is a political witch hunt.
9 Q Ms. Bobb, that’s your perspective. We are just asking questions. We are trying to get to the bottom of it, and you’ll see what the committee did when all the information comes out from the commit eventually but, you know, you are a witness, a fact witness to certain events. And I’ve appreciated your time in answering our questions here today, but that’s why we ask the questions is to get an understanding of what they are.
15 A You didn’t ask me what I saw at the Capitol. I just told you I was at the Cannon rotunda and I went out onto the grass and I saw what was out there. And I saw that the police were not using the proper protocols, and they were not preparing the people that the amount of people were actually trying to get the bad actors to stop.  That’s what I saw. And why aren’t you asking more about that, but you want to hear about some retweet from who knows. I can’t even read the guy’s name.
22 Q I think you have said all of that earlier today. And I appreciate your perspective that you offered on what you saw and heard at the Capitol and elsewhere on January 6.

On p. 180 they give Bobb one more opportunity to share her thoughts – big mistake.

10 Is there anything else that you would like to add before we end today’s session?
11 Ms. Bobb. I think you need to be looking into the real facts of January 6. I think you need to be looking into the real facts of the election. I think you need to stop using your political authority against your political opponents. You have turned the government against the people, and I think it’s disgusting.

Bobb shared her experience with The Gateway Pundit shortly after it occurred.

“You Should Be Ashamed of Yourself” – Christina Bobb to Jan 6 Attorneys After Spending 6 Hours Addressing Question Why She Tweeted a Picture of Mel Gibson on Jan 6

See the entire interview text below:

Christina Bobb Interview by Jim Hoft on Scribd

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