RINO Members of MI Board of Canvassers MOCK Citizens Over Their LEGAL Request For Recount of 2022 Election: “I personally think this is a gigantic waste of time” [VIDEO]

100 Percent Fed Up reports – In late April, Tony Daunt, who has close ties to Trump’s former Sec. of Education, and top MI GOP donor Betsy DeVos, who almost immediately after Jan. 6, 2021, blamed President Trump for what appears to have been an FBI-led, fake insurrection, resigned from the MI GOP State Committee. The so-called “Republican,” Tony Daunt, talked to the Trump-hating New York Times about his letter of resignation to a new, grassroots MI GOP that has turned its back on RINOs like him. The New York Times excitedly shared that in his letter, Mr. Daunt called President Trump “a deranged narcissist.”

“Rather than distancing themselves from this undisciplined loser,” Mr. Daunt wrote in his resignation letter, “far too many Republican ‘leaders’ have decided that encouraging his delusional lies — and, even worse — cynically appeasing him despite knowing they are lies, is the easiest path to ensuring their continued hold on power, general election consequences be damned.

“Whether it’s misguided true belief, cynical cowardice, or just plain old grift and avarice,” Mr. Daunt continued in the letter, which was addressed to a Republican colleague, “it’s a losing strategy, and I cannot serve on the governing board of a party that’s too stupid to see that.”

Mr. Daunt was appointed to the MI Board of Canvassers by Michigan’s far-left Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer following the 2020 election. Daunt, who has made no secret about his feelings for anyone who supports President Trump, presided over a meeting on Monday afternoon where board members, including Michigan’s dirty SOS Jocelyn Benson’s Director of the Bureau of Elections Jonathan Brater, would decide if a recount in specific districts across the state of on MI Proposal 2 (the ability to make it easier steal the vote) and 3 (abortion up to 9 months and teen sex change without parental consent) would be allowed.

Much like in the 2018 election, where Democrats and Michigan’s young voters came to the polls in large numbers to support a proposal that would legalize marijuana in the state of Michigan, giving MI citizens four years of the far-left Governor Gretchen Whitmer, the Soros-funded SOS Jocelyn Benson, and Michigan’s lawless AG Dana Nessel; both radical proposals that appeared on the 2022 ballot helped to ensure the re-election of all three of the unpopular Democrats.

The arrogant RINO Tony Daunt sat next to the other RINO appointed to the MI Board of Canvassers by Gov. Whitmer, Richard Housekamp. When asked by MLive about his position on elections, the 66-year-old Housekamp explained that as a member of the MI Board of Canvassers, “The transparency and I think the integrity of the election process is sacred to democracy.” But curiously, when Mr. Housekamp had the opportunity to advocate for transparency, he instead chose to mock those who are fighting for election transparency in Michigan.

Mr. Housekamp went out of his way to mock the recount and those fighting for election integrity and against voter fraud and loopholes that make voter fraud possible (like MI Prop 2 that was recently passed in the November 2022 election) in the state of Michigan and around the country.

“The country right now, the state of Michigan, continues to talk about fraud. There is no fraud. We’ve seen a clean election. We’ve seen a really clean election. And right now, we have a request for a recount that won’t go anywhere. We keep walking down this road where we’re at war with each other, but there’s the allegations of fraud that don’t exist. I would almost rather say if we can’t shut this down if we have to go through with this—-and to follow through with what you’ve said, Steve (the Democrat lawyer for Prop 3 that would allow a baby to be killed in the womb up to 9 months, that’s trying to stop the recount) that we have really iron guidelines…”

Mr. Daunt was even more outspoken when it came to his beliefs that even though Michigan citizens have the right, by law, to ask for a recount, he finds it to be a “gigantic waste of time.”

“I personally think this is a gigantic waste of time. I think it is poisonous to our system. Having this argument is exhausting. It’s been two years, and we continue to have this debate.” Daunt added that he has no option but to approve it based on MI election law. “However, the law doesn’t provide us a remedy for dismissing this. They have a path for them to file for a recount.”

This is the sorry state of affairs in Michigan. Republicans who’ve been in charge of the MI Legislature for four decades continue to cave to Democrats, and RINOs like Tony Daunt are placed in positions of power like the Chair of the MI Board of Canvassers, where they call the shots about whether or not an election was free or fair.

Meanwhile, videos like the one made possible by Gateway Pundit and MC4EI, one of the Independent election integrity groups fighting for a recount, have been totally ignored by cowards like Tony Daunt, who would much prefer to make a mockery out of those who reveal voter fraud in plain sight than consider Michigan elections that are run by the crooked, Soros-funded SOS Jocelyn Benson are in serious trouble.

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