We Were Right: Major Issues Found in Dallas County and Other Texas Counties in 2020 Election Audit

Back in November, four days after the 2022 mid-term election, The Gateway Pundit broke an exclusive story about poll pads in Dallas, TX:

The Election Oversight Group, who has been investigating and documenting Georgia’s election problems since the 2020 General Election, in conjunction with County Citizens Defending Freedom, has provided The Gateway Pundit with more evidence that our election system should not be trusted.  This time, it’s direct from Texas but has implications and evidence of occurrences in many other jurisdictions.

In a shocking video that seems to confirm many of the things we knew but couldn’t prove, poll workers in Dallas, Tx captured the number of checked in voters on their poll pads jumping higher and higher right before polls closed.  The poll pads are used to check in voters and are the electronic version of the paper “voter roll”, which also keeps a running tally of the number of voters who have been “checked-in” on that particular device.  While we only have confirmation of this one precinct because of the video, The Gateway Pundit is told by an individual present that his happened county wide in Dallas County.

As you can see in the shorter of the videos, the poll pad in the screen jumps from 1,080 voters to 1,139 to 1,191 and finally to 1,259.  No one or nothing is touching the poll pad as it is doing this.  The poll pad displays “Poll Closed” to the left of the count.  For full screen video, visit Rumble.com/CannCon or click here and here. Be sure to turn the Quality up to 720 so you can read the numbers in real time.





We also broke another story involving the former DNC chairwoman, a homeless man, and some body-cam footage recorded from a Fort Worth police officer that implicates Deborah Peoples and her assistant Stuart Clegg in a ballot harvesting operation dating back to at least 2016.

2000Mules Texas Style: Newly Discovered Police Body Cam Footage Implicates Top Tarrant Co. Texas Democrat Officials in Ballot Harvesting

The Texas Secretary of State has now released the final part of the 2020 general election audit and it’s results seem to suggest our 2022 findings were not only accurate, but now worse.

The audit took place in the largest counties in Texas:  two heavily Democrat counties (Harris and Dallas) and two GOP controlled counties (Collin and Tarrant).

From JustTheNews:

The audit included machines and software, security, voter registration, provisional voting, mail-in voting, chain of custody and records management, the Epoch Times also reports.

In Harris County, the audit showed “very serious issues in the handling of electronic media.”

At least 14 mobile ballot boxes did not have proper chain of custody records for 184,999 ballots. 

In addition, the county failed to provide documentation for the creation of 17 mobile ballot boxes connected to 124,630 cast vote records. And tally audit logs for over two dozen early-polling places and eight Election Day polling locations did not match the electronic records, also according to the Epoch Times


Much like in the Maricopa County trial with Kari Lake that finished up yesterday, we have an exorbitant number of ballots without chain of custody.  Other records are simply not in line with the reported numbers.

Elections do not need to be complicated.  You should not have to have a PhD in computer programming to be able to check in a voter, cast a ballot, count the ballot, and record/report the numbers.  But the more and more we try to “streamline” the process, the more and more vulnerabilities we introduce by combining technology and anonymity, two things that cannot co-exist.

The JustTheNews article continued on about Dallas County:

Dallas County’s two biggest issues were related to problems with electronic poll books and losing experienced staff members.

The county’s electronic equipment created at least 188 “phantom voters,” according to the report. And it misplaced 318 provisional votes that were discovered in February 2021

The video we released at The Gateway Pundit showed thousands of ballots being created just moments before the poll closed.   LeadStories would go on to fact-check our article, to which we responded:


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